* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


15. Chapter 15.

Hannah 's POV.                                                                                                                                                 I woke up feeling great ! Today was mine and Harry's 1 month anniversary . I jumped out of the bed and got in the shower . When I got out I put on a baggy red shirt , ripped skinny jeans , and a pair of red Supras that Niall got me a couple days ago . I braided my hair to the side and then I put on my make up and I was done . I grabbed my beats and my phone and then walked downstairs. I didn't see Rachel , but I saw Niall sitting on the couch . "Where's Rachel ? " I asked . "Well good morning to you too and she left to go get groceries for the party later . " I laughed " hahaha good morning Niall ." . Then he started laughing . He suddenly stopped and then his face had a worried look . " Hannah you look a lot skinnier than the last time I saw you ." He said . "Well I don't know why " I tried to say quietly but he heard me . " The boys are really worried about you ! Especially Harry , he's always talking about how you are getting lighter and lighter when he picks you up !" I got really mad , I've been really emotional lately . "Well maybe Harry's getting stronger !" I said angrily . Then I saw the hurt in his eyes , I felt guilty but I don't like it when other people worry about me , they can worry about themselves. Just then Rachel walked through the door arms full of groceries. After we put them away I told them that I was gonna text Harry . He already texted me and he wanted to take me to brunch and a movie . I didn't want to eat anything so I told him that I would go to the movie with him . Then he texted me back saying that he'll be over at 12:00. I smiled , I cannot wait to hang out him . About thirty minutes later I heard knocks on the door . I ran down the stairs skipping a couple and ran past Niall and Rachel making a mess while baking cookies . I laughed and opened the door and it was Harry . He gave me a kiss and a hug and then he walked over and gave Rachel and Niall hugs and before I knew it he was tickling me which made me nervous cause I knew he could feel my ribs . He said he would stop if I said that I loved him , usually I would say NEVER ! But I didn't want him touching me anymore . "Fine I LOVE YOU !! I screamed . When he stopped we cuddled for about 45 minutes . We left to go to the movies and it was about 1:00 and the movie started at 1:15 . We decided to watch Grown Ups 2 . During the movie Harry would squeeze my hand or he would give me a kiss every now and then . After the movie it was 3:30 and the party started at 4:25 . When we got back we walked in and saw Rachel and Niall asleep on the couch cuddled together . "Awwww how adorable !" I said. Harry laughed and said "Niall really likes her ." I smiled and told him I was gonna go hop in the shower and get all fancied up for the party . He laughed at the comment and gave me a kiss and walked over and sat on the chair because Niall and Ray were hogging the couch . I went upstairs and took another shower . When I got out I put on a Navy Chevron Print Tank dress with white crochet ankle heels and some jewelry . Then I curled my hair and put my make up on and I was done . ( outfit on polyvore :) ) I actually looked skinny and I liked it ! I smiled and walked downstairs and saw that everyone was here . Harry walked up to me and said " You look gorgeous babe !" . I blushed and gave him a kiss . Rachel and Niall were talking so I walked over to Dani and El and gave them a hug . They both had a concerned look on their faces but they quickly smiled and said " you look beautiful Hannah !" . " Thanks " I said while blushing . I looked around and I couldn't find Harry or Rachel . I walked over to Zayn and asked " Hey Zayn have you seen Ray or Haz ? " aaaaaaahhhhhh uuuuuhhhhh shcbasxjdn. He slurred but I couldn't understand him .I knew he was drunk so I pulled him into the kitchen and gave him an aspirin and a bottle of water. Then he kissed me . I didn't move I was shocked , then I tried to push him off of me but he had a tight hold on me . Then he stopped and I looked up to see an angry Harry . HANNAH WHAT THE HELL !! He yelled at me . I-I didn't  h-he   k-kissed me ! I said while pointing at Zayn . Harry then punched Zayn and then looked at me HANNAH WE'RE DONE ! Then he stormed out the door . I collapsed to the floor shaking and crying . Then I felt someone pick me up . I looked up and saw Niall carrying me to my room . He layed me down on the bed and let me cry it out . He was rubbing my back when Rachel walked up to me . She told Niall to wait downstairs . "Hannah can you tell me what happened ? She asked. " I was  l-looking for  y-you and  I-I asked Zayn but I couldn't u-understand him so I gave him a aspirin and water and then h-he kissed me but I tried to push h-him away but I couldn't "I said in between stutters . "Well Harry and I should've been down there to see the whole thing !" She said . That made me angry . She was probably upstairs kissing Harry . "So you and Harry were upstairs alone ... probably kissing ? ! " I yelled . ". No we were talking I can't believe you think I would do that ! She yelled . "WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE YOU ! I yelled . " IF YOU DONT BELIEVE YOUR OWN FRIEND THEN MAYBE I SHOULD JUST LEAVE WITH NIALL ! " . " WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD ! I cried . She stormed out of my room and ran into her room then ran downstairs . I can't take this much drama anymore.  I could either end this now or I could just stay in this horrible messed up world . I ran out of my room and into the bathroom . I locked the door and grabbed my razor . I was sitting in the corner thinking if I should do this or not to . I started crying and made the first cut . It hurt a lot ! But the pain felt good . I kept making cuts on my wrist til I started getting dizzy . Then I blacked out .... 

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