Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


2. Pillow Fight

I can't breathe. At all. I try too force words out of my mouth but It won't work. "Are you ok love?", Harry asks. I manage to start talking again. "Y-yes I'm fine I-it's just I'm in the same room as you guys." "Looks like we've got ourselves a directioner lads", Louis states. "Where are your parents?", Niall asks. I look at the ground trying to fight the tears. "I ran away. My brother Marshall was just about to rape me then I took a chance and ran. I can't go back so I have no idea where I am going to stay." "You can stay with us until you have enough money for your own apartment", Liam says smiling. "That sounds like fun but I don't want to bug y'all with all of the work you have too do." "Y'all?" Harry asks trying to hold back his laughter. He's not doing a very good job at this point. "Yeah yeah, I get it. I used to live in Texas. but moved here with my brother five months ago." "Oh", says Niall. As the car comes too a stop we all walk out. As soon as we step outside we are mobbed by the paparazzi. "Stay close and do not answer any questions. Also keep your head down!", Harry screams. As we pile into the limo I start processing what has happened. I'm about to go live with my favorite boy band of all time. My stomach churns at the thought. What if I seem rude. What if they don't actually like me. "Who wants to go to Nando's!", Niall screeches. I can't help but laugh, average Niall always needing food. "Sounds good to me I haven't eaten all day!" As the limo stops we all pile out and grab a chair. No one else is hungry besides Niall and I . "So where do y'all live? On a tour bus, or apartment?" "Well here we call them flats, and since we are on our month break we live in those for now", Louis says. "Oh, ok cool." After five minutes Niall's and my food appears. He and I eat while we make small talk. Once Niall and I finish our food we head back to limo. "So who wants a little bit of vodka?" , Harry asks. Everyone agrees as Harry pours Skyy vodka into six glasses. As we all sip some of our vodka the limo breaks suddenly and some vodka spills out of Zayn's glass. "God dammit, that was my favorite kind", Zayn pouts. "You know Zayn we have more", Liam states. Zayn then has a huge smile plastered across his face. "Sorry to say but that was pretty funny", I giggle. Everyone else can't help but laugh with me. "You have to cutest laugh", Niall says. "Wait we don't even know your name yet, though we've done all of this already?",  Louis asks. "Paxtynn, my name is Paxtynn." "That's a very pretty and different name", Louis says through his smile.


Louis' P.O.V.

Paxtynn, Paxtynn, Paxtynn, the most beautiful name to go with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Some thing about this girl makes me feel warm inside. I don't know what it is about her, but I'm going to find out. I mean she's got a beautiful white smile. And the deepest blue eyes, along with the most adorable personality, very bubbly. Oh god I think I'm falling in love with this girl. As the limo pulls up in front of our flats we all pile out of the limo, and take the elevator to the top flat. "So what are the sleeping arrangements going to be?" "I think me and Louis as always, Zayn, Niall and Liam in that room. And Paxtynn in the top room" Harry suggests. "Sounds like a plan." Sounds like a horrible plan. I want Paxtynn in bed next to me.

Harry's P.O.V.

Dammit! I don't want Louis in bed with me I want Paxtynn. She's so beautiful like her name. She's got this spell on me and I can't keep my eyes off of her. I can't help but feel myself get kind of hard just thinking about her. I hope it's not noticeable. "Uh, Harry you excited about something?", Niall asks laughing. Now everyone is laughing even Paxtynn. Shit. If only I knew what it is about this girl that makes her different from all the rest.


Niall's P.O.V.

"Uh, Harry you excited about something", I say noticing he's hard. I mean I can't really blame him Paxtynn is very beautiful. I like her too. I wonder who else likes her besides Harry and I. This has gotten very awkward. No one is talking, the lads and I sitting on our couch and Paxtynn across on the chair. I decide to pick up a pillow and throw it at Liam on the opposite side of me. Instantly Paxtynn throws a pillow at me. "PILLOW FIGHT!" There are pillows being thrown everywhere along with feathers and stuffing. It seems like everything is going in slow motion. The feathers falling by Paxtynn make her look even more beautiful. The light is perfectly showcasing her adorable face. I chase her with a pillow into a different room. I've got her cornered. She's laughing as she begs for mercy. I get closer still holding the pillow. Our lips inches apart. I drop the pillow and lean forward. Closing my eyes I kiss her passionately.

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