Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


4. New Beginnings

Paxtynn's P.O.V.


I wake up in an unfamiliar room that I don't remember going to sleep in. Then it hits me. I'm living with One Direction. Jesus Christ. I AM LIVING WITH ONE DIRECTION! I quickly slip on some black skinny jeans a 5SOS tank and some white converse and head down stairs. To my surprise everyone is up and around. "Good morning", they all say in unison. "I can't believe you guys are up right now. Especially you Zayn." I know Zayn is not a morning person and it's only nine. "What I can't wake up early to see you?", he asks. I am completely shocked at his last words. That means four of five like me. Shit. "We made you pancakes but Niall ate all of them.", Louis says laughing. "What? A guy can't eat?", Niall asks frowning. "There is some cereal in the cabinet", Liam suggests. I open the cabinet to find cereal that I have never seen before. "It's ok I'm not that hungry anyway." "Suit yourself", Harry says scarfing down his last pancake. "I've got exciting news!", Liam says. "What is it?" I ask really wanting to know because I love surprises. "We are going to the lake for a week", Liam states gleefully. "Sounds good to me I love going to lake houses." "When are we leaving", Niall asks curiously. "In fifteen minutes so go pack your bags lads and lady". Liam says in a proper tone making me laugh. And with that we all rush to our rooms. It's a good thing I have several clothes in my bag that I took with me when I ran away. I guess I'm already packed so I'll just head back down to the living room. I think to my self as I grab my bag and head to the living room.


Louis' P.O.V.

As I'm making my way to my room I think how fun this would be. Getting to know Paxtynn better AND getting to hang out with the boys. I smile at the thought. I begin too rummage through some clothes, I find some that are good looking but that don't really matter if I get them dirty. I grab swim trunks and boxers then I'm all set. As I'm closing my suit case I think to myself, what if I end up getting lucky. Eh might as well pack at least three condoms just in case. I stuff them in between my poorly folded shorts, zip up the suit case and I'm all set. As I enter the living room I notice Paxtynn is already packed and I playing on her phone. Now's my chance to have a decent alone chat with her. So I awkwardly make my way over to where she is sitting and sit next to her. After about a minute of silence I finally gain the courage to ask her what I've wanted too since last night. "So what did you and Niall really do when he chased you into the other room last night," I quickly blurted out. She sat there for a second silent not moving. Until she looked at me with her face that had become pale quickly. Shit. "Ok'', she says sighing. "I can't lie to you Louis we-", she gets cut off by the boys arriving at the PERFECT time. Ugh. "Are we interrupting something," Zayn asks walking through the door way. "Yeah, kinda", I mumble under my breathe. "No nothing important", Paxtynn said glaring at me. "Ok then lets get in the car", Liam says to all of us. I guess he's really excited about this trip. Don't  get me wrong I am too, because I get to spend time with my favorite people as of right now. I look over at Harry and he's hold cans of beer. This is going to be the best week ever I can feel it. The driver puts our bags in the trunk as we all pile into the car. The ride is two hours but I don't care, it just means two hours I get to spend with Paxtynn. Not alone obviously but you get what I mean.  Once we arrive at the house I looks huge! A three story lake house, how cool is that? Liam did a good job, like always. It has two master bedrooms on each floor. So we each have our own rooms. "I call a room on the top floor," Paxtynn screeches with joy. "Me too!" I say quickly so no one else can call the other room. I look over at Paxtynn and she's smiling, so I offer her a smile back." I want second floor,'' Harry says also smiling. " I'm with ya haz,", Niall says walking towards the kitchen. I chuckle to myself. Average Niall. '' I guess Liam and I on this floor", Zayn says looking at Liam. " Then  it's settled. Go get yourselves set and meet back here in a half hour", Liam says walking to pick out his room. Paxtynn and I race each other up the stairs. But I have to stop and breathe half way up. Man I need to get in better shape, I think to myself. When I make it too the right floor I walk into the closest room. "This one's mine", I yell to Paxtynn. She walks in and sighs. "But I like this one too", she pouts. So she crosses her arms and sticks out her bottom lip. Which makes her look so adorable I can't resist. Wait. Back to reality. This is my chance! "You and I could share a room, and not tell the boys", I suggest hoping for the best. She smiles. "So it's a promise?" I ask. "Promise", she whispers back. Turning me on just a bit. "But if we are doing this we are going to do it the right way", she says smiling and eye balling me at the same time. So I get down on one knee take her hand in mine and say "Paxtynn, would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend and making me the happiest guy alive?" She looks at me straight in the eyes  and says "OF COURSE! I thought you would never ask!" I honestly didn't epect that coming. "This is our promise. Just between us for now. Ok?", she asks uneasily. "Obviously", I reply back with a smile. "HEY! Don't sas me and screw up on the first day. Come on they are probably waiting on us." She says back with a sassy tone. "Yes ma'm. But before we go-." I lean in and kiss her slowly but passionately. I pull away, lust filled both of our eyes. "W-we s-should go n-now." she manages to say through her smile. As we make our way back down hand in hand I can't help but smile and grow a little hard. This is going to be the best week. I can tell.


Author's Note!

YO BROS!! Ok so I have to apologize about not posting this chapter sooner, here's why. So when I finished writing a fourth of this chapter my lap top died while I was typing. And... I couldn't charge it because my dog chewed the cord. after that I had gotten  grounded from my phone and laptop for three weeks so yup that the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So my dad ordered a new charger, got in the mail. I'm still grounded at this point. So like the third day I'm grounded I decided to write this chapter on paper. I did so. Luckily my laptop saved the things I already typed so yup here we are. I just made some tweaks when I typed it so. A lot happened in just five chapters tell me what you think. And yeah. Oh and if you like sad fanfics then go look up (one direction minus one) I think that's what it is so yeah. Oh and also just because it's a three day weekend don't expect like three chapters, Since I made the volleyball team today I have to run five miles each day. So in conclusion I will try to post as many chapters as possible. Thanks.

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