Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


7. I'm Wide Awake

Louis' POV

   It's been almost a moth since the lake house tradgidy. Paxtynn still isn't awake. But I still visit her every day. I sit and watch her silenced, motion less body.

   Every time I leave the hostpital I go home and cry. I know I could've prevented this from happening. I don't know how though. Last night I cried my self to sleep. When I woke up I went into the living room and saw all of the boys sitting in silence on the couch. They didn't realize I was up until I walked over to them, and touched Liam on the shoulder. He jumped.

   "Oh my God Louis. You look terrible." He said to me taken aback from my apperance. "Do I really look that bad?" I ask knowing the answer. "Yes mate. You haven't left your house for any other reason than to go to the hospital. We've talked and we think it's best that you be her girlfriend when she wakes up. None of us has moarned on this more than you." Niall said with depressed eyes. I begin to cry at the tought of her still in a coma. "Louis you need a shower. I'll come with you if you need some company." Harry said to me while taking in a breath. "Yes please." I answer back. I go grab some clothes and head into the bathroom before Harry.

   I walked into the bathroom removed my shirt and looked staright into the mirror. I studied myself in the mirror while I set my clothes on the bathroom counter. I have brown stains from who knows what all over me. Messy hair. Bags under my eyes. Tear stained cheeks. And blood shot eyes. "What is wrong with me." I say to myself burrying my face into my hands, falling to my knees. "Louis nothing is wrong with you. You're just worried sick. And that's normal. You just need to clean yourself up and try to smile a little." Harry says walking into the bathroom and starting a warm bath.

   I didn't want to answer. How could I smile? There is no bright side to this. Instead I just remove my pantss and boxers, Harry doesn't care. We used to be in a relationship before managment broke us up. So I had to use Eleanor as a cover girlfriend. But once I saw Paxtynn I changed.

   The first step into the hot bath burned. But once I was fully soaked it felt nice. I haven't taken a shower since Paxtynn went to the hospital. And I smell. Badly. "Harry can you help me with my hair?" I looked over at him with puppy dog eyes. "Of couse. Anything for you mate." He said with a smile plastered across his face. So he did my hair while I cleansed the rest of myself. After we were done I stepped out of the bath and looked at myself in the mirror. Now that I can see all of me I can tell I have lost weight. I can see my hip bones, and my Tommo tummy is almost completly gone. I put my other clothes back on and begin to feel drowsy.

   "C'mon mate you need to eat something." Harry told me as we both walked into my room. "I'm really tired though." I told him with heavy eye lids. I ploped on my bed. Once my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

Paxtynn's POV

   I awoke in an empty room. I'm guessing it's a hospital room? I don't remember anything. I'm gonna go find someone. When I try to get up I'm kept in my place because I'm attached to tubes. Strange. Eh, might aswell take advantage of the silence and take a nap.

   Once again I woke up But this time to voices. A man and a woman. So I decided to keep my eyes closed. "Well it seems we have to put her in ergent care. If she doesn't wake up in the next month we must put her down. I'm sorry Mr. Tomlinson, but we need the room for other patients." The woman said to the man.

   After that sentence the man cried softly. "I'm so sorry Mr.Tomlinson." The woman said again. And with that she left the room. I could here the man walk over to my right side and sit down. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. leaving tears on it also. "Paxtynn, if you can hear me please wake up." He said to me I guess? So my name is Paxtynn. Nice. The man stoped crying all at once. I'm guessing he is asleep. I slowly open my eyes. I can see he did fall asleep. How could he, in that uncomfortable chair. W-wait. Wait a second. That's Louis!

   All at once the memories came flooding back.

   Marshall, The London Eye, the flat, The lake house, Louis asking me to be his girlfriend, my ankle, Louis' body, Louis' and I sleeping in the same bed, Their group meeting about me.

   Now I remember why I'm here. I look over at Louis in disgust. he cause this and yet he has the nerve to visit me the next day. Pathetic.

   I just got the sudden urge to pee. But I can't wake Loui up. He looks so adorable. I guess I have no other choice. It's either wake him up, or embarass myslef by peeing in the bed. I shake him slightly whispering, "Louis I need to pee wake up." On the third time he wakes up. It takes him 0.1 seconds to realize I woke up from a coma. His eyes widen and he has his hands over his mouth shaking his head. Not saying a word.

   YO BROS!!! sorry I think this chapter is a little short but it's like 9:20pm almost where I am. So I'm tired. I ran and 15 miles over the weekend. And now I have to get up at five thirty in the morning. So yup. I'm going to try and post as many chapters as I possibly can this we since you know. going back for week over school number two. Oh and by the way this fan fic will probably be like a hundred or so chapters. Why? You ask. Because I like reading things that are long so they can last a while ya know? Just to let you know if your that kind of person. Ok I'm going to sleep night bros! :)

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