Keeping Promises

Paxtynn Hilton was born in Arlington, Texas. But soon moved to London after a lot of sudden family tragedies. She has too live with her thirty year old rapist brother. One day she runs away and unexpectedly runs into you know who.


5. Day one


   Ok bros. So far I've run two of five miles and I decided to take a break. And during this break I am going to give you guys another chapter. Yay! Oh and also if you have an account the you haven't wrote anything yet, please write a larry series!

   I'm a larry shipper but not a hard core shipper. You get the picture right? And if you do happen to write one please tell me so I can read it and become a fan! :) THANKS.

   Here is Chapter 5:


"Paxtynn, would you do me the honors of being my girlfriend and making me the happiest guy alive?"

Paxtynn's POV

   Suddenly he leaned in for a kiss. And I couldn't resist. So... I leaned in also. I could help but slime while we were kissing. I mean come on his lips were soft and smooth like silk. Better than Niall. Niall I forgot about that. Before I knew what was going on he pulled away. Did I do something wrong? Dammit. I looked into his eyes, they were full of lust. He really does like me. This is going to be a good week. "W-we s-should go n-now", I stuttered. And with that we went down stairs hand in hand.

   About half way down the stairs a trip. I do a barrel roll down a flight of stairs. The pain I encountered a day ago in my ankle, when I escaped was now back. "OH MY GOD. PAXTYNN ARE YOU OK?" Louis screams out of confusion of what just happened.  "No, m-my ankle", I manage to say.  The pain is astonishing. Louis runs down the flight of stairs and picks me up bridal style. Once I'm in his arms I can feel him staring at me. I turn my head and stare back into his eyes. His pretty blue eyes. "This is going to take a blow to our week", he says to me with a sad face. It's actually quite cute. So I did what I thought was best for him. I leaned forward and kissed his check. His eyes lit up. "Better?" I ask with a smile. All he can do is nod. WOW!

   So we walk into the kitchen and the boys crowd around us. "What was that loud thud", Liam asks wide eyed. "I tripped on the stairs and did a barrel roll down a flight into a wall", I say ask Louis sets me down on the kitchen counter. "Oh my god. Where does it hurt?" Niall asks with sad eyes. "My ankle. When I ran away yesterday I jumped off a ten foot high tree and heard a crack in my ankle when I reached the ground", I say about to burst in tears of the pain. Three seconds after that I burst into tears. "It hurts like hell!" I cry out. "Shhhh", Zayn says in a soothing voice. Zayn cups my face with his large hands and uses his thumbs to wipe the tears. " I know what will make you feel better! Guys huddle now!", Harry says with excitement. So once the guys break they start singing What Make You Beautiful. I can't stop crying. Not because of the pain now. I'm crying because I never actually got to go to one of their concerts, but they were singing to me and only me. "Paxtynn please stop crying, it's making us sad", Louis says looking me in the eyes. "I'm not crying because of the pain anymore. I'm crying because I've never had the money to go to a concert yet you guys are singing to me and only me!" I say with a little laugh. That little sentence, smile, and laugh made them all stare at me and smile.

   "Come line up in front of me real quick." I say happily. They do as told with Louis in the back like I was hoping. I grab Liam's right check with my left hand and put the other in his hair. I pull him forward and kiss him on his check. I do the same with Zayn, Niall, and Harry. I do the same with Louis but when he walked up to me he was frowning. So I decided when I kissed him cheek I whispered to him. "Please don't be jealous babe, they are your brothers, please, I love you and only you", I say. He replies with a cheerful ok. When I let go of him I notice he's smiling, so I smile also.

Louis' POV

   "Please don't be jealous babe, they are your brothers, please, I love you and only you." Babe? It hasn't even been a half hour and she's calling me babe. I like where this is going. I smile to myself as she says babe. I reply with a "ok." "Oh I forgot boys we need ice packs for her ankle. Liam can you check out her ankle while I go grab ice packs?", I ask totally forgetting about her ankle. While I run I look at the time 3:58pm. OH MY GOOD. I forgot about the fan that was supposed to meet us at four. Shit. I guess we could get her two free concert and meet and greet tickets. As I rummage through the freezer I finally grad a couple ice packs and rush back to the kitchen. "So..." I ask hoping it's not too bad. "It will be fin in a day our so. But it's swelling badly. Give me the ice packs. She might need crutches just for tonight and tomorrow.", Liam says. I got find crutches in a closet and bring them to Liam.

    "I'm really exhausted can go take a nap?" I ask suddenly feeling REALLY tired. "I can carry you up the stairs into your room", Liam offers. "I got it Li. Plus I need to so fix all my stuff up", I say. He nods and walks outside to where the other lads are. So I pick Paxtynn up and carry her up the stairs. On the last flight she falls asleep in my arms. I walk into the room set her on the king size bed  prop her ankle up on a extra pillow. I watch her sleep for about two minutes then I realize I'm sweating. So I go close the door, open my suitcase and pull out my clothes then set them on the bed. Since she's asleep I decide to just change my shirt and pants right there. I watch her sleep as I pull my shirt over my head. Then I undo my suspenders and undo my red jeans and take them off lust leaving me in my boxers. I turn around to grab my clothes and put them in the hamper near the door. When I turn around Paxtynn is propped up on her elbows, smirking. And as for me, I just stand there in my boxers staring at her blushing. "Oh come on!, Don't stop the show now!" She whisper screams at me. "Like what you see?" I ask also smirking. "Course I do that's why  don't want you to stop." She says pouting. "How about this?" I ask climbing in bed with her snuggling up to her. I know she can feel my bulge on her leg but I don't care and neither does she. But I can see her smiling. She wraps her arms around me and with that I both drift off to sleep.

Paxtynn's POV

   I wake up shortly tot the sound of a zipper. I realize Louis is messing with his suit case. I decide not to let him know 'm awake so I squint my eyes to make it look like I'm sleeping. He pulls off his shirt, His suspenders and pants. I can barely contain myself. His abs. His chest. His legs. His arms. Ugh. I can't hold it in any more. I prop up on my elbows and smirk when he bends over to but his clothes in the hamper. When he turns around  he blushes a bright red. How can I get him in bed with me?  After a bit of talking he FINALLY climbs in bed with me. I can feel his bulge on my leg and I smile. I can't help it. He drifts off to sleep in five seconds. I kiss his head then I too drift off to sleep.

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