The Necklace



1. The Necklace

I was walking along the street when I found it. It wasn’t the usual thing that I would go for, but somehow, it was calling to me. Like it needed me to take it. It was just lying on a stall in the market place. A wizened old woman with beady eyes stared at me as I looked at it,

‘Go ahead, try it on deary.’ She said with an elderly and cracked voice. I walked slowly towards it, it looked too expensive for me and I hardly had enough money with me. I swallowed and picked it up, it was surprisingly cool against my skin, metal that had been in sight of a sun like this was surely meant to be warm, I cast my hand other the others, and sure enough, they were hot. It felt quite light at first, despite having a heavy looking jewelled pendent attached to it. It was a strange stone, at first I thought it was just blue from further away, but when I came nearer I could see that it was more of a mix between purples, blues and even some greens. I was beautiful and captivating, I couldn’t take my eyes of it, it seemed like they were pulling me in.


‘Let me help with that.’ The woman said with a hiss, she didn’t let me answer as she took the necklace from me and clasped it at the back of my neck. All at once I felt it; the necklace was getting heavier and heavier, like it was weighing me down. I felt dizzy, my head spinning around me, my eyes started to water, my vision obscured. I reached down for the table, but nothing was there. I could hear cold laughter as colours around me started to move, started to dance. I could hear and see everything that ever existed, and it beat down on me like the sun on a hot day. Then all at once it faded. Leaving me seemingly unhurt.

I looked around me, I was no longer in the hustling buzzing market place, but instead in a huge, claustrophobic crowd of people, who didn’t seem to notice my sudden appearance, but instead were too interested in something that was happening in front of them. What did people usually do when they found themselves in a strange place? Find the place where I am. I looked around; there was a street sign saying, ‘Dealy Plaza.’ I swallowed, hard, Dealy Plaza? I had been here a couple of times with my family; it was...Dallas, Texas, that was it. It was where President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot. President JFK. Why was I here? I looked around, and saw a newspaper stall almost next to me, and I could see, as clear as day, the date that ran along the top. November 22, 1963.

So this place wasn’t just where JFK was shot, but also when. I heard cheering arise even louder around me; I pushed my way through the crowds, and sure enough, there was his car, and in it, was the president himself. But, but today was when he was assassinated, today was when he was going to die. Surely I couldn’t stay here with the knowledge that that was going to happen, not when I could stop it. I had the power to stop it. Maybe that’s why I had been sent here, to stop the assassination of John Kennedy. Yes. That had to be it. As he was getting nearer I was getting ready. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I had to do it. The car was approaching; I ducked under and ran with all my force towards him. I did what no one else was able to do; I managed to reach him without being caught.


‘Sir!’ I shouted above the noise, ‘you have to come with me. Someone is going to kill you if you stay.’ I felt people behind me, grabbing my arms and trying to pull me back, I struggled again them, ‘please sir, you’ll die if you don't listen.’ He held up a hand to the men trying to restrain me,

‘Let her go.’ He said. All at once they obliged. ‘Say what you have to say.’ I pointed to the Texas School Book Depository,

‘On the sixth floor at that building, is a man who is preparing to shoot you, you will get shot once in the back, and once in the back of your head. It will be a mortal wound and you will die in the hospital.’ Kennedy stared at me. Sure enough there was a man perched at the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, police followed my finger and saw him too, when the man in the window saw me pointing, he disappeared.

‘Get him.’ Kennedy ordered, a few men followed his orders.

‘But there is still someone else that wants to shoot you. I don't know who or where he is, but he will also want to kill you. You need to get into shelter and hide.

‘Sir.’ Said Governor Connelly, who sat in front of the president, ‘if you don't mind me saying, we are 5 minutes away from our destination, and we can’t get held up by things like this, how do you know this is just a mad delusional story that had just been made up?’

‘I believe the girl, you may think I'm mad, but I have faith that she is telling the truth.’

‘But you don't know her-’ but the president ignored him,

‘Show me where to go to be safe.’ I nodded, was I really doing this? I stood by his side as we walked towards the nearest building, hopefully it would provide some form of protection. We had almost made our way to the crowds outside, who were now looking confused and perplexed. That’s when I heard three shots ringing out. I felt one enter my lower thigh, one hit my shoulder, and I didn’t feel the other one. I almost prayed it didn’t hit the president or everything would have been for nothing. I stifled a scream, but the crowds didn’t. I staggered forwards; the president also still seemed mobile at least. The crowds parted for us, and sort of created a human barrier for us, shielding us against any more shots. We made it into the building, where I found out the president had been hit, just in the lower leg though, nothing that would prove fatal. If he was in pain, he didn’t show it.


‘You’re hurt’ he said.

‘So are you.’

‘Yes, but you more so.’ Police and paramedics had us surrounded,

‘I'll be fine sir.’ The paramedics almost seemed to be ignoring me; they were surrounding the president instantly,

‘Thank you.’ He said, and he pressed something small and cold into my hand, I looked down at it, it was a small badge, I smiled down at it, it was a small Kennedy badge, ‘it's not much, but it’s all I have on me. Whenever, and wherever you need any help, you just come and ask.’ I smiled, not trying to give away how ridiculous that sounded; after all, it wasn’t like I could just walk up to the white house one day and demand assistance. ‘What’s your name?’ he said, as he was carried away by paramedics,

‘Natalie Crare.’

‘Thank you Natalie Crare.’ He shouted above the noise, ‘I will forever be in your debt.’ He grabbed my hand, but soon he was pulled away. Once he was put into an ambulance, the paramedics then moved onto me, but I refused any help, I had to get back home. I staggered outside, and I could see the entire crowd’s attention was drawn to the ambulance that was currently driving away, but when they all saw me, they cheered. I couldn’t help smiling; I had just saved the president. But I was pulled away from that when a strong hand dragged me to a nearby alleyway.


‘What do you think you are doing?’ a voice hissed, I looked up at the person who had their grip on me, and saw the old woman from the necklace stall.

‘What are you doing here?’ I said, she hissed at me,

‘You are not the one after all. No stupid girl like you could be the one that I am after.’ I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, ‘you are not worthy of this necklace.’ She moved forwards to grab it but I stumbled backwards,

‘Get away from me! How are you here?’ I'm here to take you back before you can ruin anything else. You do not deserve this necklace, so I will have to put it in a place only someone worthy can get it.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Do you realise what you have done? You have created a paradox where the president did not die. You have changed the future you brainless cow.’ I swallowed, and tried to back away more, but there was a damp wall behind me, I could see blood from my wounds trickling on the ground. The woman lunged forwards and snatched the necklace from my neck, clawing at my skin leaving stinging stretches. I could feel her snap the necklace from my neck, and everything was going dizzy again. I couldn’t breathe as the world swirled around me. The claustrophobia returned, and I felt myself being tossed around. When the pain lifted I could see I was in a new place. It was dead. Black. Smoke arose from shattered buildings around me. Ash was layered on the ground thickly, and my vision was smoky. I looked around, trying to work out where I was, and on the floor there was a charred piece of newspaper, that read, ‘July 31st, 2013.’

I chocked and looked around at the dead and barren world around me. This was because of me. I had brought on the end of the world, I had brought on the darkness, I fell to the ground as the world went blacker around me. The necklace shaped mark that had been branded on my neck and chest burned. I fell out of consciousness, as I breathed in the polluting fumes, Kennedys badge clutched in my hand.

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