The Rainbow



1. The Rainbow



 The wars are here. I sit in my room, staring out my window confused. What even started this, why can’t it be 2014? I should probably get some sleep; I don’t want to be tired.

My name is Justinita. I’m quite tall for my age, but quite thin too. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I have got quite insipid skin. I’m going to school today to be prepared for the worst day of my life.


I reach the school hall, a room that is helping prepare for what’s about to hit the earth. I sat down and picked a book of information, getting you to understand what you’re going through a bit more. The book was titled, War Never Ends. This confused me at first, but then got to me.

Every two years, the rainbow comes. When you think of a rainbow, it resembles happiness, but in this particular case it doesn’t. The rainbow has been going on for as long we can remember. It signals to these mystical creatures called Sibators for planet Uvidos. Planet Uvidos is a planet that has been fighting to try and take over humanity for decades. They come down to destroy our earth, people die, and the world is turned upside down. After the war, loads of renovations have to be made, and kids are held back to the faraway place where they can’t touch.

The Sibators are very ugly looking creatures, they come from the Latin word Sibarorty a meaning of defeat, which is quite ironic, because they have never defeated us. This year they are coming, we are always warned when they are come. The news is always talking about it, and cannon balls are shot into the sky at the same time all over the world. The Sibators want our souls to take over, but since we have defeated them once, surely we can do it again.

All of the children are called in to have a big meeting with all the teachers, because this is our first time ever going through the war, so they are going to give us some words of advice that might just keep us alive. Even parents at work are having advice from professional war studies. A lady wearing a black suit with long brown hair comes in and greets us to talk about how to be prepared. Some of what she is trying to say is very tiresome, especially because she is pausing a lot and repeating what she is saying.

Stretches of time go on and I seem to be getting information out of this, it is the end of the day and I am hoping to go home and tell my parents what I had learnt. Suddenly cannon balls are shot out of the sky somewhere, already. I am walking home alone which is the worst part and because of winter it gets dark quicker, fear hits me hard. I’m trying to avoid the thought of knowing there could be a sibator right behind me plotting on how to hunt me down. I wish my mum could come. Tears start rushing down my face along with beads of sweat. I know for sure I’m going to die.

With all my might, I run home as quickly as possible, confused, lonely and scared. Why have the cannon balls shot out so quickly? The war is tomorrow. Finally I reach home; I kick the door open and run straight into my mum’s arms and she knows why. For some reason she is taking me upstairs and she carefully hands me an outfit. No words come from the two of us. Because even though I don’t know what she’s getting at, no communication is needed. I slip on what appears to be a brown old jump suit quite mucky as well. But right now the brown old jump suit is all I’ve got.


Once my dad, mum and I are all changed we get gear prepared just in case anything bad strikes. I can faintly hear screeches for help and then utter silence, which means they are not far. Me and my family were not being as talkative as usual and I don’t really blame them since we are about to get swallowed whole to death by man eating aliens. “Why is there no rainbow mum, isn’t that the whole point in the war?” “Well we don’t know, but there is going to be a change, and we don’t know what the aliens have up their sleeve but it’s certainly something different to most years”.

After that, there is nothing but silence, my dad steps in and gives me what appears to be a necklace. He says “here you go; this is what will protect you if your mother and I aren’t there”. The necklace is gold all the way round, except the middle a silver heart. I examine the necklace for a bit and slowly carry on preparing my wooden knife. My mum has trained me for over eight years with a wooden knife, and now old enough to fight, it really helped because now I can use an iron knife. My dad is armed with knives and guns and allsorts, while my mum is only carrying one small gun and a bow and arrow. My iron knife is pretty cool, but the plan is to stick with my parents and I might be safer.. It’s now time to step outside and fight.

When we are outside I’m getting pretty nervous, my palms are sweating, and my heart is racing! I look up at the sky and see, it’s outrageous! The sky looks brownie red, and has been invaded by some alien space ships everywhere. It looks like a dream. As me my mum and dad slowly walk out into danger our plan is to hide. Will this be the last time I see my house? My dad dashes to hiding but calls us over in a quiet voice. I follow slowly.

Something strikes me; this doesn’t have to be happening. People don’t have to die, and the world shouldn’t be destroyed. I think I’m the one to stop it. I steal my mum and dads weapons without them knowing, and run off into the distance. They probably are looking at me as if I’m crazy. This does seem crazy, but I know what I’m doing. I am sure I can do this, if I believe then maybe I can, but on the other hand I might just get blown up by one of their bombs.

I run as fast as I can and hear screams in the distance, puzzled on what to do. Should I help them or leave them to die? Then utter silence fills the earth, and guilt fills me from head to toe and I begin to feel sick to my stomach. I should be tough about this all; I’m about to save the world, so don’t be scared! I say to myself. Then standing right in front of me is one of them, a sibator whoa, boy my dad was right, this is one ugly looking creature! They have hairy ears that point like an elf. At that moment I actually couldn’t help laughing, which is pretty bizarre. So I let go of any fear in me, and kill the Sibator with my knife. The screech it made was horrible, it pierced my soul.

I can’t believe it, I did it, killed a sibator. I feel like a hero even though there’s over a dozen more to kill. I have faith in myself and walk on. The next sibator is heading my way, and I think this is a matter of life or death now, but` I need to stay calm. This isn’t even worth it, I’m never going to kill all the Sibators on the earth! So an idea strikes me. When I was just four years old, my grandmother, my mother and father were going off to fight in the wars. Sadly my grandmother died by getting attacked by a sibator. But her words to prepare me were, in a safe, near the woods you will find a spray, spray it on the nearest sibator and save mankind! But no one on earth ever dared to do it, because it might stop the wars, but in future, the spray can create an oversized sibator that will rule the planet and surely destroy us. But that going to happened in billions of years, so I’m not worried.


Unsure about what I’m doing, I run into the woods and then stop, I hear something behind me, something really weird. Like a crying sort noise, but not a human cry. It is a sibator. I go back and see if this is real…maybe this is a trick to try and lure me into some sort of death trap? I look at the sibator and it looks at me strangely and then looks back at its feet and cries. “Don’t do it don’t destroy us” I hear a funny voice say this and look around nervously then realised it was the sibator. “Please!” I’m confused. The sibator is talking! Can all of them talk? Do they have cars? And fancy dress like humans? I have so many questions at this point, and as much as a mess I am in this is probably the happiest I’ve been all day.

“I’m only doing what’s best, the humans are suffering”. I glance down at the floor for a while. “Well go ahead, destroy me!” Says the angry Sibator, “but hey, before I do, you never even told me your name. Since you’re the only sibator that hasn’t attempted to slaughter me I want your name. “I want your name? Is that how you talk to people on this planet?” Oh sorry, being a hero has really changed me”. “Right a hero? Why don’t you ever consider something that’s not you? You are destroying us! I’m so confused on what on earth is this sibator talking about! They destroy us! So without thought I run over and spray the sibator.

A tear slowly runs down my face. I can’t believe it. Every bad noise stops, all the screaming stops. I can’t believe it. I killed the Sibators! I killed them. Without thinking of anything I pick up my guns and head for my parents. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done! To my amazement they are still there, in pieces, but still there. My mum spots me running to them and starts crying. “You made it!” you took grandmas advice and killed them all. “People are going to be so proud of you!”

We all run back into the house and celebrate with some lovely cottage pie and nice cold drinks. I take a bath and go downstairs to my mum and dad. I’m on the news. They called to police department and told them everything, I’m a hero!

A few weeks later we are paid 35 billion dollars! We are rich…it just goes to show, no matter how crazy things may seem; you must believe you can overcome your fears and make all good, because the wars are gone. Justinita was here and this is the year, 2013, the wars are over.






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