86,400 Seconds

The servants of angels have one day a year to find their soulmate on earth. 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. This story is written about a girl who does not believe in true love little does she know that love is about to fall from the sky.
My entry for the City of Bones 24 hours. I know there are some spelling errors must please forgive me, I only really just started/finished it right before the deadline. Thank you for considering me. :')

1. 86,400


86,400 Seconds



Chivalry, Princes and princesses, daring battles, magic, demons, angels and true love.

                She’d read it all, but did people really believe in things like that?

                “They couldn't possibly,” she murmured to herself. She looked out of the small café-book shop window she was seated against and set her hot chocolate and finished book down. The book had ended the same way they all do; the boy gets the girl. Of course there are unique small details to each one of these books, but they all end in the same way.

                Little flakes of snow had begun to fall, erupting down from the sky like little lost dreams and hopes. The streets of the city were beginning to turn into a white canvas disrupted by foot prints. At the first signs of snow many people began moving faster finding their way out of the inconvenient weather. A young couple however do not make their way for shelter. Instead the grasp onto each tightly and bury their heads in each other’s necks for warmth.

                Ugh. How terribly romantic.

                “That’s a bit mean don’t you think?” said a voice behind her.

                She didn’t say something out loud again did she? Maybe she did, again. She cursed herself under her breath.

                She turned to face the person who had overheard her sceptic comment. And was surprized to see a boy, who must be around her age of seventeen. She watched as he took up the chair occupying the same small table as her. His blonde leonine hair a mess of soft curls, hiding his eyes and he sits down. Once he’s settled in he looks up at her and moves soft stands of his hair from his face to reveal his eyes. And wow, has he got some eyes. She could swear the blue-green irises were dancing in the light, the specs reflecting anything and everything constantly.

                His eyes were fixed on her, he looked into her own dull brown eyes and traced down her neck and at her clothes and at her long hair cascading down her jumper. And finally his eyes rested on her book. He smiled warmly to himself as if recalling a happy memory. She was captivated by him; every movement he made was precise and mesmerising. He looked back up to her and said simply “My name’s Amadeus,” He continued to look at her until she realised her was probably expecting a reply,

                “Oh, I’m Letty...” she trailed off awkwardly.

                “That’s a beautiful name” His smile was effortless, “I was going to say you’re not a fan of romance judging from your reaction to that couple earlier,”

                Oh yeah, he saw that, she thought herelf. How embarrassing.

                “But looking at that novel, I guess you are?” He pointed to the book, asking for permission to hold it. I nod silently, still trying to take in the situation. I look back outside the window and the snow has covered almost everything now, making the city’s streets appear to be a vast void of nothingness.

                “I never thought that story was very believable,” Amideaus comments looking back between the back and front of the book. He sets it gently back down on the table, exactly where he had picked it up. “A werewolf boy trying to get a girl from the normal world to fall in love with him, not very realistic now is it?”

                She realised she completely agreed with him however she felt she didn’t want to let him know that so she decided to defend the book. “I’ve read books with a more unrealistic aspects, that one is one of the more realistic that I’ve read” She didn’t even really enjoy this book, it started off interesting then just became predictable like all the rest.

                “But a werewolf? May as well be an alien, don’t you think?” His voice cracked on the last word and he laughed softly to himself and a sad expression spread across his face. It looked terrible, she didn’t think anyone could look so defeated, his eyes with full of different emotions; anger, hopelessness, longing and defeat. His lips were turned down in the smallest frown but it screamed louder that any tear she’d ever seen. She felt her eyes fill with water and her throat tighten. Such a beautiful face shouldn’t be able to show such an expression

                Why did this boy make her feels this much?  What was special about him? She wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him everything was going to be alright. She wanted him to smile. She reached into her coat pocket with was resting over her chair and pulled out one of the sweets her younger sister had gave her before she left that morning and set it in front of him. He looked at the small sweet in the pink wrapper with the pattern of cartoon baby chicks on it. He must think she’s an idiot, she thought to herself. However he looked at her with a new expression, almost in awe and she felt her cheeks flush, he picked up the small offering and a grin easily appeared on his face, but his eyes still harboured the same defeated emotions. She saw them fade and be replaced with new more hopeful brightness. She sighed in relief.

                He suddenly sat upright and leant his arms on the table so he was a close to her as he could be without leaving his seat. He looked deep into her eyes long enough that she was frozen, she saw his gaze flicker to some of her hair that had fallen in front of her face and reached out a gentle hand and pushed it behind her ear and smiled at her. She couldn’t help but smile back; his smile almost commanded all other mouths to copy his.

                He leaned even closer to her and whispered into her ear “Do you trust me?” She could feel his breath against her hair. She involuntary shivered at the new sensation. She was about to immediately say yes because she felt she could trust him with anything however she thought it over what this could mean and what her answer would eventually lead to.

                She had decided. “Yes I trust you.”

                At that he jumped slightly, as if something had scared him and he leaned back into his chair. She could see him shaking.

                “I-I.. You are not going to believe this but...” His voice was shaking. She reached out and held his hand in hers to steady him, and in his other hands he grasped onto the sweet tightly. He looked at her with a new found stability, “I am just going to say it, the whole story and you cannot interrupt, okay?” I look at his eyes and nod with a small smile.

                “I come from a place unknown to humans. My people live with the angels, we ourselves are not angels we are their servants, and we tend to them as they please. Originally we were human but our ancestors were selected to carry out this job. Once a year the angels allow us to come down to earth to try and find our soul mate for that one whole day. Some manage to find their partner and can either stay on earth or their partner is granted passage to live with us and the angels.

                This is my third year, because you are allowed to search once you reach the age of sixteen. I have not tried to find her, I just relish that one day I can eat your delicious foods and drink. However this year is different, I met you. So please can we take a walk around this city?”
                My mind goes numb and my hands go limp. She sat back into her chair, She simply stared at him. Disbelief clearly in her eyes and written across her face. He can see it; he looks hurt; weirdly she can’t bear to see him look sad and then he quickly turns to look out the window hiding his face from mine. She grabbed her coat and put it on. She calmly put her things away and then grabbed his hand and quickly left the shop, he questions her actions as she lead him through the snow and the city, underneath the skyscrapers that look down on us, their whispers floating on the wind never quite reaching our level, she started to run and he has no choice but to comply. He stops and pulled her towards him in a warm embrace.
                “Stop running!” He shouts but it is muffled our coats and scarfs. Her hands dropped to her sides but he continued to hold her. “Please, it must be destined, we are meant to be!” Tears begin to fill his eyes and mine can do nothing but copy. The streets are empty of people and colour, only the snow is watching, only the snow surrounding us, creating a world containing just the two of us.

                Our tears fall silently, in this hectic city, but now only the sound of our breathing is audible. “Nothing happens for two years and then on my third year I meet you” His warm hand found her cheek cold from the wind. He looked into her eyes and put his forehead to hers. They were so close to each other  in that moment, their  lips almost touching. “And then I hear a beautiful girl talking to herself about sarcastically about love, and I was intrigued” He laughs softly, “I thought that this girl could help me find my soul mate, since you obviously weren’t interested in finding one yourself. But after our conversation , and watching your lie to yourself about that book and let’s be frank it was awful, not believable at all” He puts his head down and his now snow covered hair is covering his enchanting eyes once again so she reaches up to push his hair away and then find herself putting her arms around him. He looks up quickly at the touch of her hands his eyes full of disbelief. She smiles at him and his brings his face closer to hers and their lips gently brush, she's never felt like this before, such a warm caress such a delicate kiss.

                “It’s a more believable story than this,” She says and kisses his cheek, then his lips find hers once more and with a stronger feeling this time, full of relief and thankfulness. Their lips part and they bring their faces away from each other just enough and they look deep into each other’s eyes, Amideaus begins laugh softly under his breath like she’s used to as they wipe away each tears of sadness and joy, a kind gesture shared between them.

                “There’s no way I’m leaving you now, so can I stay here with you?” He asks his puppy-dog eyes glisten in the snow. She can tell this is not a question more of a way of letting her know that he’s not leaving.

                She wouldn’t have it any other way. She thinks to herself.

                She feels him tug on her hands and says “come on, let’s go back, you’ve left your book” He begins to lead her back through the city and they walk hand in hand, side by side back to the little café on the corners.

                “What was that book called anyway?”

                “Soul Mates”


                Chivalry, Princes and princesses, daring battles, magic, demons, angels and true love.

                People had read it all, but she didn’t really believing that sort of stuff did she?

                Of course she did.



By Lauren Catherine McKenna



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