Get your guns..and other various weapons.



1. Get your guns...and other various weapons.

" Stay still. Don't move until I say." Sammie was frozen with fear, so even if Alex hadn't of told her to stay still, she undoubtedly would have stayed where she was anyway. Alex had taken her to Trafalgar Square in the middle of the afternoon in case of 'any unfortunate mishaps' that may have occurred at any other time. Of course, the glamour that all of the supernatural creatures made it look like the couple were freaking out over a clear space and the two got strange looks as Alex talked quietly and rapidly on the phone, and Sammie stood paralyzed by the fountain. 
" Alex," he voice was strained;she didn't want to make the creature turn around and notice her, or she would die within seconds. Naturally, neither of them thought to bring weapons with them. Her eyes were completely focused on the truly horrifying creature before the two of them.
" Sammie, do you trust me?" Alex said. His phone had disappeared and he was in his fighting stance now, ready to attack the creature no matter what angle it came from.

" You know I do," Sammie replied wholeheartedly, and that's when Alex turned and buried a dagger straight in her chest.


Alex whirled as Sammy dropped like a stone to the ground behind him, and turned to face the ugly thing in front of him. He only prayed now that Sammie got what he was trying to do and killed the demon from where she was, like his brother said. " Kill her, and she'll kill it," David,said and he followed instructions. He felt his chest tighten- he should have told her the plan, and she would know. But he didn't.

Come on Sammie, he thought. Come on. The demon started stalking towards him with it's many feet and he squeezed his eyes shut, hoping for the best.


Sammy felt like she was floating, until an unknown purpose struck her. She knew she had to do something. Jumping up, people were no longer crowding Trafalgar Square, and instead it was just her, and the creature, picking up a stone, she walked over and dug it into his side, smiling when it growled in pain. She doesn't know what told her to do it, but she put her hand towards the creature and it soon ventured into it's chest. She felt the demon tense underneath the pressure on its organs. Her hands came across something soft, and she wrapped her fingers around it and tugged. The demon howled in pain and fell to the ground. 

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