My neighbor, the Vampire

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  • Published: 31 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 31 Jul 2013
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City of bones contest. Katie had a normal life, working in a large city and going on with her everyday life, until something happens.
Something that will shake the foundations of her beliefs and make her question the line between reality and fantasy.


1. Vampires?

“You’re a vampire, Katie.”

It was those four words, those four simple little words that brought my life upside down. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. To throw away my old life, to be restricted by something that I couldn’t control, who would want that?

For the past week after the incident, I noticed many changes to my body. One, I could no longer go outside. That did wonders for my career, let me tell you. When you call your manager to have a ‘holiday’ on such short notice and for such a long period of time, they don’t tend to like it. Furthermore, it doesn’t really help it when your boss hates your guts for no apparent reason, and the fact that I was a journalist meant that I was basically replaceable. So he gave me an ultimatum. Go to work the next day, or get fired. Since, it was physically impossible for me to leave my flat without getting 3rd degree burns and boiling blisters the size of Mount Everest; I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Go Figures.

Second, my senses were heightened to the point of ridiculousness. I mean really, who needs to know what the couple 2 floors down were doing at 1 in the morning, or what type of music the people were playing at the bottom floor (heavy metal, if you hadn’t guessed). There went my sleep.

Third, I wasn’t hungry. Well, for food anyway which is wonderful when you want a diet, but not so great when you get this constant gnawing feeling at the pit of your stomach and when your throat feels like it’s permanently set on fire. No matter what I drank, the flames that scorched my throat wouldn’t diminish. Until I drank blood. From a homeless man that was completely defenceless and was asleep a few minutes ago in an alley way.

I don’t know what scared me the most, seeing him unconscious and caked with blood (I hope he’s not dead) or enjoying the feeling of his thick, mouth watering blood being sucked from his neck and filling into my mouth, trickling down my throat and subduing the fire. I don’t even understand what possessed me to do it. It was as if my mind had blanked out, and all of my rational thoughts and morality got chucked out of the window.

After a few minutes of shaking violently and vomiting because of how disgusted I was at myself, he appeared. My neighbour, James Carter, was here looking at me with concern in his blue jeans and a red plaid top, running his long fingers through his dark locks. He lived across the hall for as long as I could remember. We generally didn’t say much to each other, except greeting when we passed each other or occasionally borrowing eggs or milk. It was nothing unusual; our relationship was something along the lines of acquaintances/friends. I didn’t think much of him, except maybe question why someone so good looking was not a model and was living in a flat across me.

“Katie we need to go now, before anyone sees us,” he announced, his amber orbs fixed on my blue ones.

James edged closer to me, reaching his arm but I stepped back, “I-I don’t understand... I’m a vampire..?”

He nodded and started to step closer again, “yes, I’ll explain everything later, but for now we need to-“

“Wait... you did this to me, didn’t you?” he froze, looking like a deer in headlights, “last week..something happened to me. I was mugged....I think, and you were there.”

I knew it; he was involved in the incident. To be honest, I couldn’t really remember what had happened. It was as if the whole day had been a blur, as if my memory ad been scattered on that particular day. It started as any normal day; I got up, went to work and then went home. Around midnight, I decided to go to the closest convenience store after getting a serious case of the munchies. I generally did this once a month that it became like a ritual to me, going out late at night to pick up some chocolate. However, this time it didn’t end up normally. On my way back I remember being followed and after that...well I don’t really know.  

He bit his lip and then sighed, “I know you’re scared and confused right now, but we really need to go.”

Was he insane? “If you think I’m going to follow you, then prepared to be-“I was cut off by a warm sensation that enveloped my body. Shivers went down my spine, and then I realised that he was holding me in his arms.

“Hold on tight and close your eyes,” James whispered in my ear, his hot breath tickling my neck. Before I could have a chance to blush, push him away and retort back, I felt my stomach heave. I quickly followed his instructions, my mind to confused and flustered to comprehend what was occurring.

“Okay, we’re good,” as soon as he spoke I broke free of his grip and pushed him away, taking in the surroundings. We were on top of a giant building that overlooked the city. The multiple buildings stretched far in the area and the cloudless sky was dark, leaving the luminous moon and stars to light up the area and the mass of people that were walking through the streets. It was beautiful.

“You have some questions, I assume,” my eyes snapped up to meet his. He looked calm, as if he had expected this to happen quite a while ago.

“What happened last week?” I asked, trying to make my voice not quiver and to sound confident. I crossed my arms a little chilly from the breeze as I was only wearing a black t-shirt and jeans that were now covered in dried blood.  

“You were mugged,” I nodded, “the two men... they stabbed you,” I gasped, but he continued unable to meet me eye to eye, “You were dying. So I saved you by injecting my blood into you.”

“So.. you’re a..”

“Vampire, yes.”

If it wasn’t for that fact that I attacked someone and that we somehow magically ended up on top of this building, I would have called him crazy and would be well on my way out of here. 

"I don't want this."

He looked at me confused, "want what?"

"To be a vampire!" I screamed, "Do you know how much it has wrecked my life?"

James was dumbstruck, but his expression quickly changed to anger, "What, would you rather I let you die? Is that what you want?"

"Maybe it is!" his eyes suddenly turned red and looked glazed. I noticed that my surroundings was getting darker, "Who would want a life where... hey are you listening to me-"


I groaned loudly and automatically reached my arm out, hitting the alarm on the desk next to my bed. Rubbing my eyes, I pushed myself up and looked out the window as the sunlight poured in through the blinds.

....Wait.. so it was a dream? 

I reached my arm towards the sunlight, my fingertips drawing closer and closer....


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