Beautiful Scars

When Alice gets abused by her father for 10 years she finally decides to move out and live on the streets. One night walking to the park she notices a man following her soon kidnapping her, but is stopped by non other then Niall Horan! Being thankful she asks to get driven back to her little bench in the side if the street. Niall seeing this breaking his heart insists she stays with them.


1. Bruises and Scars

Chapter: 1

Alice's P.O.V.

I woke up for school to the feeling of pain flowing over my body caused by the new fresh bruises and cuts. I see that I didn't make a big huge bloody mess and I walked over to my bathroom and examined myself in the mirror. Shiny black and blue bruises covered my whole stomach and chest, a big gash under my eye and on my lip made it look even worse.

I cried silently at the image of myself that was starring back at me. As I slipped out of my pajamas and turned on the hot water I could remember clearly what had happened last night. The image that would now be drilled into my mind and never be taken out.

I just came home from school and I just literally walked through the door when my father slammed it. I jumped from the loud sound and inhaled and exhaled to calm myself down. I wanted this evening to be a good calm one so I made sure I didn't say anything or do anything that would make something in my dads head to click.

I smiled at him to see he had a glaze in his eyes and then my grin turned more into a frown then into a terrified look when his hand was coming to interact with my cheek. SLAP right on the right cheek. I just stood there and tried to shake off the pain and my dad just sat at the table taking a swing of his whiskey. I didn't like it so much and wanted to tell him to stop but I didn't but something spilled out. "Dad, please stop drinking." I quickly covered my mouth knowing I would get slapped. He just growled and stood from his seat swinging the table over. He charged right at me and pulled my hair dragging me to his room where he got a belt and started slashing me. Whip after whip the strength increased along with the pain. I tired running but I knew that wasn't going to help so he tied me and broke his now empty whiskey bottle and started cutting from my rib cage down and then quickly slashed my cheek.

He left and slammed the front door. I just stayed there and the last thing I remembered was dozing off into a painful sleep.

I stepped into the shower and the hot water stung my wounds and made me jump right out of the tub. I turned it to cold and tried my best to wash my self and not jump out.

I dried off and got dressed into something loose so it didn't upset my wounds. I found out my dad wasn't home so I walked to school and hopefully won't get caught and that no one points out my cuts. I walked into the school and everyone turned to me and then their jaws dropped to the floor. This was going to be a long day. I just smiled which made the pain worse on my cheek so I just faded into a classroom. I went into the music room and picked up a guitar and started strumming it silently until I got a good beat and started singing to the rhythm making up the lyrics as I went on. I then came across that I made up a song and had to write it down. I grabbed some paper and quickly began scribbling the lyrics down. It read:

Even though there's no more pain my heart still aches when it hears your name.

Trying hard not to cry myself to sleep anymore. And my friends even told me your little scheme, that you were out to get me to hurt me.

But, I denied, no I just ignored told myself you weren't that guy you were before.

Cause your all I ever wanted and your always in my heart yea. And I can't seem to shake you no I can't seem to break you.

Now, I need to know if your going to let me go cause' I'm holding on to the past an I'm falling fast.

That's all I had gotten and the bell had rung. I didn't want to face people right now so I folded up the paper and opened up the nearest window and jumped out, landing into a garbage can. I got out and started to run.

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