Children of the Moon

Entry for The Mortal Instruments one day contest.
Lucy arranges to meet her boyfriend Aaron one night, but wakes up with no memories of that night.


1. The Blood Moon

The creaking of the old metal swings and the wind dancing between trees made the park seem eerie, the odd street light lit the area in intervals. I stood by the gate waiting, hoping that he arrives soon. My phone buzzes telling me I have a text, from Aaron. 
I'm waiting by the swing set x
The rusted gate protests as I push it open. With my first step into the old playground, the wind picks up and the trees move restlessly as if they were warning me away with their hurried movements. I press forward, paying no heed to this my minds to full of thoughts of meeting Aaron anyway. I know I'm playing a foolish game, sneaking around with him like this but it fuels the excitement and passion further each time. 
The cold air bites and whips past my face ruffling my loose hair. When I reach the swings furthest from the entrance I see no sign of Aaron, the wind abruptly stops its movements and the swing chain continues its prolonged creaks as it gradually slows down.
"Aaron?" Confused I look around but don't see him anywhere.
A rustle from the bushes on the border of the park catches my attention.
The street lights shut off one by one and I stand stiffly the atmosphere taking an immediate change from the earlier excitement. Against my better judgement I find myself cautiously, eagerly approaching the darkened area that now seems so inviting. The darkness cloaks a hunched over figure and I sigh in relief and smile, "Aaron, don't do that. You scared me," I accuse, unaware that this is not him. 
A growl rips through the air, causing me to stumble back. My heart picks up its pace and my breath is beginning to come out in heavy gasps as the figure advances towards me. I beg my body to something, anything. Scream, run, crawl. But nothing happens, I'm paralysed with fear. I squeeze my eyes shut hopping that when I open them again I'll be alone. But to no avail. My vision becomes obscured with black dots and the scene in front of me begins to spin and twists in dizzying motions. Terror coarses through me as I realise that this is it.
No, no, no. Not now. Is all I can think. I can't collapse when I need to escape.
Another menacing growl fills my ears and the figure lunges for me. All I can register is the burning pain across my shoulder as my legs give way and I finally give myself over to the blackness, but not before I hear one long mournful howl that resonates through the air.
"Lucy! You need to get up now otherwise you'll be late!" 
"I'm up already," I call down to my Mum as I grab my phone from the dresser in my room.
Four new messages. All of them are from Aaron mainly consisting of 'where are you?' I try to think back to what happened last night, but only come up with blurry images that change before I can decipher them. I decide to ask him what happened at work today.
I reach up to tie my hair up but am stopped by a stinging pain on my shoulder. Pulling down my shirt sleeve I'm greeted by red inflamed flesh marred by a long horizontal scratch.
When I arrive at Starbucks I manage to corner Aaron in the employees break room and relentlessly question him about last night.
"I waited for you on the bench where we usually meet but you never turned up. I should be the one questioning you," That's the only answer I get before he rushes off claiming to have work to do, he doesn't even look me in the eyes.
He doesn't turn up the next day, or the next. Calls are blocked, messages are ignored. After a week of his absence I find out he's moved but no-one knows where.
It hurts. He didn't even say goodbye. 
Something must have happened that night, something big but I cannot bring myself to remember what.
A month after his sudden disappearance I find myself itching to go outside. It's a clear night and the moon is as bright as ever. After wondering aimlessly for an hour I find myself in an isolated field with no idea where I am.
That's when the pain begins. Searing pain that starts as a headache but gradually builds until my head feels like it's going to implode. Then it spreads. Latching onto my being . My bones feel like they're being snapped and my flesh as if someones taken a blunt knife to it. 
Excruciating. Brutal. Never relenting.
After what feels like hours it begins to recede and one by one all my senses come back. But they're different. I can hear cars, people, animals even thought I'm surely miles away from any sort of civilisation. I can differentiate between the smells of each flower, tree and animal. Colours seem brighter, sounds louder and smells stronger. I see a shadow, of an animal, a wolf I think but larger. It immediately tugs on a memory. A hazy memory. One from that night. Of a hunched figure. A growl so fierce it makes me shudder, even now. And a wolf, leaping towards me thangs bared and claws drawn and extended.
I slowly back away cowering, but the shadow follows.

Acting on instinct I draw my head back and howl longingly at the sky before running off in the direction of an appealing scent. And then, under that moon, I become a killer.


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