Vampire Hunting

There have been several attacks. Bites and loss of blood and is said to of been a animal attack. But what if the police where wrong? What if the killer was a vampire?

Rachel and Sophie don't believe it when her friend Mikayla tells her that vampires are real, making Mikayla wanting to prove to them that they do exist. Even if proving it to them means risking your life to go on a vampire hunt.


1. Vampire Hunt

“Two bodies were found after a resident spotted them at the local lake. The teen’s bodies have multiple bites and have been drained of blood. This brings it to 6 dead and 2 missing over the past 2 weeks. Police are saying that this is another animal attack. If you witnessed or know any information about these attacks please come forward.”


“Bullshit!” My friend Mikayla exclaimed. “We all know its not animals. Don’t people read books?” Mikayla was a big reader and also believed in mystical creatures: vampires, werewolves and even unicorns. “It’s obviously vampires. Bodies drained of blood, bite marks and the attacks happen at night. I can’t believe no one realizes it yet!” She says, her cheeks going red. She was very pretty. She has curly blond hair and green eyes. Mikayla has lines of boys wanting to be with her.


“We don’t believe it because we are not crazy like you.” Sophie says, brushing her long black hair from her face. “And anyway, vampires are not even real.”


“Rachel, I’m going to use your phone to call the police to tell them about the vampires.” Mikayla said, leaning over from her sleeping bag and reaching for my phone.


“Mikayla, they aren’t going to believe you.” I say. “They’re not even real!” I knew that there was no point arguing with Mikayla about whether vampires are real or not, but I think she needs to get over this whole obsession thing.


“Yes they are,” Mikayla goes deep in thought for a couple of seconds. “And I will prove it to you.” She stands up to put on her leggings and a top. There is this determine look on her face that scares me.


“Where do you think your going?” I ask, standing up.


Mikayla turns and smiles at us. “Vampire hunting.”


I stare at her in astonishment. Sophie was the one the recovered first.


“You can’t be serious! You can just go out there and kill vampires!” Sophie now stood next to me.


“So you do believe there are vampires?” Mikayla replied with a smug look on her face.


“No, but have you forgotten there is a vicious animal out there waiting for its prey?” Sophie replied.


“And where are you going to get a wooden stake or holy water or whatever?” I asked not expecting for what she did next.


She pulled 3 wooden stakes and a lighter from her bag. My mouth hit the floor. She shrugged. “Ever since the attacks I’ve carried this around. Better safe than sorry.” She placed the items back in her bag and headed for the door.


“You are not going out there.” Sophie quickly blocked the doorway so Mikayla couldn’t get past.


“Come with me. We can look together. If we don’t find anything in an hour, we can come back and I wont speak on the matter again. I swear.”


Sophie was easy to persuade but I wouldn’t budge.


“It’s only an hour Rachel. We wont find anything anyway because vampires are not real.” Sophie says to me. My gut told me no. I shouldn’t go. It’s too much of a risk.


“Half an hour.”




“Fifteen minutes.”




“Come on. How about ten minutes and I promise I will do anything you want when we come back.”


If we come back. “Fine.”


It’s about 10:30 when we leave the house. It took 10 minutes to find flashlights and the batteries. The only lights I can see are the distant city lights and a few dull streetlights.


“Where to?” I ask Mikayla.


“Cemetery.” She replies, quickening her pace to preserve enough time as possible. We make it to the gates of the cemetery. The gates are black and gothic looking. Sophie pushes open the gate, flinching at the high pitch shriek it makes. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I walk through the gates. Well, I feel sicker than I already did.


Mikayla walks ahead watching and preparing herself for vampires. I stick behind them making sure no body is following us, clutching the stake for dear life. I don’t even know how to use one.


“I think I saw something near the trees.” Sophie squirms in fear. “I think something’s touching me.” We walk through a maze of tombstones. Cemeteries give me the creeps, especially at night. It fells like there is killer bees in my stomach and I can feel something bad is about to happen.


“I don’t feel good. I think we should go.” I tell them, turning around and heading for the gate.


Sophie, glad for a ticket out, speaks up. “Wait up! I’m comin-“


“HELP!” I hear Mikayla scream and cry. I turn and see a person leaning over her. Not a human, but a vampire. The vampire bares his teeth and hisses. Fear rushes through me. Then I see his teeth sink into her skin.


The once quite graveyard now filled with screams of terror. I run close enough to Mikayla to see that she isn’t moving. I turn to see that Sophie has made a run for it. The vampire is still leaning over my friend who is now limp on the ground. I can’t let him kill her, even though it may be to late. I throw the wooden stake at his back. The vampire turns around and in less that a second, he has me by the neck against a tree. I forgot how fast they are. My hands reach up to claw at the hands that are cutting off my breathing.


I feel his hand tighten around my neck, and then his teeth sink into my skin. It’s painful at first and gets worse as it goes on. I feel dizzy and I know that I’m about to die.


All I could think about was Mikayla smiling and whispering in her sweet voice, “I told you so.”

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