Strange Ties.

A Short Story about a girl finding out her life is not just weird as she is helping her Dad hunt the supernatural and the 'Real World' as they call it, but that she is also half something.
Something her Dad knew she was.
When Gorgeous Nate steps in to tell help her, she finds her Dad is missing and apparently dead, will she leave with him, or leave to find her father?
Inspired by Strange Angels. :)


1. Short Story.

I pulled the curtain back slightly to glance at the road outside, still no car. Still no Dad. My Dad hadn't come home yet, he said he would be home at around midday on Monday.

That was three days ago.

He hadn't told me where he was going this time, what he was doing, what he would be hunting. Yes I said hunting. He usually told me so when he had finished we could pack, leave town, then soon be gone with in a hour. This time, the orders where, Go to school, don’t wait up for me, order on Monday. Which he then smiled down at me, kissed my forehead and left with a small, ‘Love you’ .
I followed those orders when he left, going to school every day no matter how stupid it was, and I polished all his guns and equipment, flipping through books he had because I was bored but when he didn't come back Monday.
I knew something was wrong.
I looked around the small house he was able to get for our stay, we had already been here three weeks and we usually leave after a month. The same routine.
Come into a town, research and stay low for two weeks.
Get ready and Dad leaves on the third week.
He comes back sometime in the fourth week, we pack and we leave onto the next town.
This time, we were in the fourth week and still no Dad, if he was here, we would probably be in the North of the UK by now.  I sighed softly glancing at the packed boxes stacked in one corner of the room from which I was stood in. I had just finished packing my stuff hoping Dad was on his way back and we could leave.
It was getting to 8:00 am and I need to leave for school, but I was reluctant to go due to the fact Dad could come at any time and need my help. However, orders were orders and I had to follow them in hopes of going on more hunts when I got older. I quickly grabbed the handle of my bag and swung it over my shoulder when I heard the knock of the door. 
I quickly crouched without a second thought and swiftly huddled to the window. My mind raced at thought of who it could be, what it could, I closed my eyes for a second to try and collect myself. As there was another knock to my door I slowly stood up with my back against the wall eyes trained to the gun on one of the boxes by my left knee. I reached out for it as three more pounding knocks came to my door. My heart was pumping as I checked the barrel of the gun for bullets to find them ready and waiting. I slid the barrel back in and clicked the safety off. I pulled the gun close to my chest as I heard a curse from outside which made me want to peek thought the slightly see-through curtains, but with the blinds in the way I couldn't and wouldn't see anything.
After five minutes I assumed whoever it was gone so I slowly put safety back on the gun as I calmed myself down. Noise caught my ears as my phone rang, its ringing going of alarming, I rushed over to silence it in case the person outside was still there. You could never know. I quickly glanced at the unknown number before ending the call. I sighed. That was too close.
I glanced at the clock of the far right wall to see if was 8:07, I was going to be late if I didn't leave, but I couldn't leave out the front. 
Glancing towards the back door, I slipped the phone into my back pocket still holding the gun, I looked at it and knew I was defiantly taking it with me, illegal or not. I walked back over to my bag, opening it and slipping the cold gun into it. Quickly, I slung my bag back onto my shoulder and walked towards the back door.
My hands quickly made work of the locks and head outside into the bright light. I closed my eyes to get used to it, as the house was dark. I slowly closed the door behind me only to have it pushed open. Jumping back I looked up at the man stood in the doorway. His eyes staring down at me as I slid my hand into my bag to grasp the gun. Within seconds we both had guns out pointing at each other.  His sleek and black where mine was silver. 

“Who are you,” I asked holding the gun steady in my hands pointing it at his chest, where his heart was, if he had a heart. The man looked at me up and down before glancing around the small garden and the open back gate.
I didn't take my eyes off him.
“A friend, your Dad’s friend, if you want to know what happened to him, I would get inside,” I stared at him, trying to figure out if he was lying. He evened lowered his gun, clicked the safety on and stepped back. “How do I know you’re not lying?” I asked, as I crept towards him. “He said you would ask, he gave me this last week, before he went to hunt,” and with that he threw me a locket which I caught in a now free left hand and opened to see a locket in my palm.
My mother’s locket.
I knew this meant he was dead. I slowly lowered the gun as he grabbed my arm and yanked me inside. “Are you packed?” he asked quickly. I nodded. The man locked the door behind me, and ushered me into the front room where everything was.
“Good, we are leaving,” he demanded.  I yanked my arm from his grasp and took a step back. “Hold on,” I spoke, “I don’t even know you, not even your name, why are you here demanding I leave, when you say my Dad is dead, I need to find him,” He stared at me like I grew another head, “You don’t know,” he whispered shocked.
I raised an eyebrow, “Confused much,” came my muffled reply.
He walked over to the boxes with books, “He was meant to tell you, your 15 right?” he asked as I watched him look at the books, “Yeah I am, but that doesn't matter, stop asking me questions, when you’re not answering mine, just who and what are you and what was my Dad meant to tell me,” as I crossed my arms across my chest.
The man stopped and glanced up at me, his emerald eyes dancing.
“The name is Nate, I am a Dhamphir and you my dear, are one too,” I uncrossed my arms and gazed at him in shock, “No, I’m human, like my Dad,” I said with certainty. He sighed softly and pulled out a book from one of the boxes.
Seeing the cover, I knew I had read that last night.
“Have you read this,?” Nate asked. I nodded, “Then you know it takes an Dhamphir or Full Vampire and a human to create a Dhamphir.” I felt my knees go weak at what he was implying.
My mother a Dhamphir.
I suddenly felt a bit sick and walked over to the small chair and sat down. Nate came over and crouched down in front of me. “Your important to our race, our world, being one of few female Dhamphirs, we need your help to kill the vampires,” I looked up at him before standing and moving away, “No, I need to find my dad,” I stalked over to the boxes with determination and began rummaging for things I would need, stakes, guns, a crossbow maybe when a hand stopped me. “You haven’t had any training in this, going to find him and his killer will only kill you,” I glared at him and shoved his hand away, “I don’t care, I need to see him one last time, I need to know,” Nate glared and put the book in my hand, I grasped the book as it nearly fell and read the title once more before turning to look at him.
“Your Dad wanted this for you, but he wanted to have you for the first sixteen years, no one knew, only three of his friends. Dean Johns, Matthew Tate and my father,” my eyes widened, Nate’s father was one of Dads hunting friends.
How didn't I know.
“Where are they now?” I asked. I knew the first two but without Nate’s father name I didn't know him. Nate sighed.
A lump formed in my throat as I thought about it, someone was killing them off. What they all had in common, they knew me. The brown hair, blue eyed skinny girl me.
“You need to come with me, get training, grow stronger, help the Order.” I turned to fully face him.
“I don’t care,” I all but growled, “I need to find my father first, he could still be alive, he could need my help. I need to do this.” I shouted. I spun round and carried on with looking for equipment.  I glanced at the side to hear a sudden noise of a news report, going on, “In recent events a house near Milton Park School was found burning down, high flames and huge clouds of smoke were discovered at three twenty-four am yesterday morning, no one knows what the cause was from and there has yet to be any survivors but people next door have been-“
I cut the woman off as I turned the TV off and stared at the small screen and thought about the last place my father was.
“There, that’s where your father’s body is.” Nate supplied. I frowned at the small box before kicking a box full of books on the floor. “Why him,” I whispered angrily.
“Why anyone,” Nate whispered. I slowly raised my head and looked him in the eyes. “I have to find his killer.” I have to. I silently pleaded.
I knew I wasn't strong but I could always go up to that place in Manchester where Dad took me and they said they wanted to train me, a place full of witches. He quickly took me away saying it was not time. 
Know I knew what he meant. 
I pulled my hands slowly out of the box and slumped to the ground. “He could never die, he was so strong, I need to avenge him.” I whispered. I run my thumb over the engraved symbol on the side of this gun.
My Mother’s gun, according to my Dad.

I let a tear fall and chucked the gun back into the box. Nate notice my distress because his next words surprised me.
“You come with me, train, get stronger, when you hit 16 you can get even stronger, then we can hunt down this killer, then you can helps us, does that sound like a fair deal?” he asked.
“Where?,” I whispered uncertain.
“A school, training young Dhamphirs and wulfen alike, this place is huge, this is what both your mother and father wanted. It’s where your mother was taught,” I whipped my head up at him, my mother was taught there to.
A picture of my beautiful strong mother came to mind and I stood up in front of him.
“Yes,” I said finally.

He smiled at me for the first time since I meet him. He was actually quiet handsome. He handed me a gun which I placed in one of the boxes to which he picked up and headed for the door, “You coming, er?” he stumbled. I smiled, picking up a box as well. 
“Hayley, my name is Hayley,” and then I followed him out the door.  

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