Battle Born

This is a short story about a young boy Alfonso (Alfie) Romero and his evening leading up to a battle where he knows he is almost certainly going to loose his life.


2. Victim

When the crowd finally dispersed enough for him to get through he had lost sight of her and straight away internally kicked himself. How could he be as stupid as to let someone this important just slip through his grasp like a handful of sand? He wasn’t part of the light queen’s army for nothing. Hoping that his mission wouldn’t turn out to be a complete disaster he started down a dark corridor guessing that the girl may have attempted to make an escape down there. His heart stopped when he heard her voice from behind one of the doors leading off of the long narrow hallway. Dagger in hand, his fingers began to curl around the door handle and with a gentle twist he pulled it open and crept in. He could just make out her pale skin in the darkness of the room as she stood mumbling something in Latin to herself. Placing his empty hand to his belt he clasped the hilt of his second dagger and swept it out of its sheath in one swift move. He twirled the silver bejewelled blades in his fingers as he stalked his prey in the darkness and then he coughed giving her just enough time to turn around and bare her fangs at him. He smirked as his own eyes met hers and he raised the two blades high into the air before plunging them both straight into her heart, killing her instantaneously. The eerie, aqua glow around her eyes was extinguished immediately as her body became limp, lifeless and then dropped to the floor. Alfonso was quick to retrieve his weapons and swiftly wiped each of demon blood before sheathing them once more. He looked back at the pale figure, heaped on the ground, whose ivory dress was now stained with a foul scented dark red blood. He tugged up the collar of his dark black, leather trench coat before stepping carefully through the darkness towards the door yet before opening it he turned around to the body once more. It was gone, along with the blood leaving no evidence of his experience tonight. He smirked before turning on his heel and stepping outside into the dimly lit hallway.

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