Battle Born

This is a short story about a young boy Alfonso (Alfie) Romero and his evening leading up to a battle where he knows he is almost certainly going to loose his life.


1. The Uproar

Loud music pulsated through the air which was alive with excitement, a feeling almost foreign to Alfonso Romero who was perched in a small, gloomy corner of the Uproar nightclub. He’d lost track of the time a good few hours ago but his target was definitely late and he was just about done hanging around in the dark. His dark indigo eyes skirted the room once more before he slid out of the dim booth and began to make his way across the crowded dance floor towards the exit. Suddenly, she was there. Amongst the pack of teenagers who were currently jumping in-sync to another pop song that sounded like trash. Maybe it was the vibrant blue hair that had given her identity away to Alfonso but he immediately spun on his heel and began to push through the crowd after her. His attempts to fit in with the crowd were evidently weak seeing as he gained a few odd looks from various teenagers as he pushed past them in a hurry to catch up with his victim.

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