Battle Born

This is a short story about a young boy Alfonso (Alfie) Romero and his evening leading up to a battle where he knows he is almost certainly going to loose his life.


4. Reflections

As he stood in front of the mirror he took a moment to take in his face. The left side of his forehead was stained with blood and he could just make out two thin claw marks where the demon had caught him, his indigo eyes looked tired, probably due to the fact that he hadn’t been sleeping well for the past week. He ran his fingers across his crooked nose which looked even more bent out of shape than normal and then traced them around his lips which seemed to be swelling from a punch he’d earned from Storm earlier that week. As he glared at his reflection which stared back at him unblinking he remarked on how much older he seemed to look, on how much he had changed over the past year, no longer a boy unable to look after himself but now a young man capable of handling any demon you threw at him. He quickly flicked his chocolate brown fringe away from his eyes and started to clean up his forehead which he noted was already nearly healed. That was the good thing about being a demon hunter, you were expected to be strong so when you enrolled in the academy you were injected with a serum to protect you and it healed you, sped you up and made you more balanced. It had been perfectly engineered by the light queen for her army so that they would be stronger and quicker than the dark forces. Luckily for Alfonso, he had been born with lightning quick speed and incredible strength so although he was a few years younger than some of the other demon hunters he was already more advanced than a fair few of them.

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