Battle Born

This is a short story about a young boy Alfonso (Alfie) Romero and his evening leading up to a battle where he knows he is almost certainly going to loose his life.


6. Charge

When they reached the bottom floor of the academy Alfonso noted how many demon hunters actually lived in the academy and had to take a minute to marvel at the sheer number of them. Hundreds of pale skinned, scarred people coated in shiny black materials and armed with a variety shining silver weapons. Alfonso, who preferred to be alone before fighting, so that he could think, tried to block out the quiet murmur of excitement that was running through the demon hunters like an electrical current flowing through wires.

“Okay! Everyone get outside quickly and line up, 20 people per line,” instructed a silver haired, middle aged woman who was dressed all in black like everyone else. Suddenly the room was alive with movement once more as everyone hurried towards the front doors and Alfonso was caught up in the movement and separated from his friends. He was roughly pushed into line by one of the adults alongside him and he took his place beside two of them right in the centre of the demon hunter’s makeshift army. He could already hear the hiss of their approaching attackers even before the crowd fell silent; he supposed that’s what enhanced hearing abilities did for you. Several pairs of glowing eyes appeared amongst the blackness now but then just as he blinked so did several hundred more, they were outnumbered and there was no use pretending that they would win this easily or even win this at all. The demon hunter’s stood tense and ready waiting for their cue to attack and when it came they were all ready.

“CHARGE!!” screamed one of the elders as the entire army of demon hunter’s broke loose and sprinted towards their certain death. Alfonso was caught up in the screams and running bodies all around him that he failed to notice the demon fast approaching him at the last minute he managed to turn around and throw one of his daggers straight into its heart making it drop to the floor with a heavy thud. As he bent down to retrieve the dagger he was knocked off of his feet by something heavy and only managed to identify it as a demon seconds before his vision was sucked into blackness.

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