Better Dead than Un-Dead

Thrown into the world of nefarious beings. Leanne is faced with a fate worse than death.
Entry for the 24 hour city of bones contest.


2. Sheer Drop

I Reawaken and push myself up off of the damp gravelled ground, to a wobbly standing position. My bones feel so weak, like any pressure exerted on them could cause my bodily structure to disintegrate into dust. My eyes have difficulty opening, as if they are taped shut. I try to piece together what I had just witnessed, but it’s no use. Whatever that thing was that died and vanished before my eyes, I never want to see another one again. I actually blacked out; I have never done that before. Maybe this is just all a bad dream. Maybe I will wake up. I can’t take this any longer, I pinch myself, hoping to awake from whatever kind of evil unreal nightmare this is. But it’s not an unreal nightmare; it’s a very real nightmare. I begin to realise the seriousness of the situation I’m in.  I only comprehend my whereabouts when all I can see is a rooftop skyline. I’m on a roof, a high building. And I’m not alone.


“Portals are fantastic, aren’t they Leanne, saved me the effort of carrying you up here.” Madison hisses. I notice more nefarious beings on the roof. Flawlessly pale, frosty skin, gleaming in the radiance of city lights, Fangs protruding from between their blood crimson lips. “What the hell are they?” I screech. The Girl chuckles a criminal laugh. “The night children are here my dear. Who’d have thought it? A Nephilim, working with the children of the night?” she lowers her voice and tone, “Vampires, Leanne!” I stand motionless like a statue, restricted to the spot. Encircled by dozens of immortal actualities. The malevolent female commences to speak “I sent that demon to kill you, changed my mind though, I thought of a better use for you. It all turned out rather satisfactory actually.”  Realising her intentions, I survey the area for a place to run, and in a fluster, I make a dart to the edge of the roof, they enclose me further. So that I am unable to move more than a few inches each way, apart from backwards, but that would mean fatality. I balance precariously on the edge of death. I have two choices. Die or wind-up one of the immortal beings, forever encased in darkness. Inhaling, having made my final indispensable choice, I spit my words to the malicious presences. “Better dead than un-dead, eh?”


I brave the sheer drop and descend from the building.


I had never really given much thought into how I might die; then again, I never really thought I would perish at the hands of a half angel creature meant for good.

Or at the hands of my own sister.


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