Better Dead than Un-Dead

Thrown into the world of nefarious beings. Leanne is faced with a fate worse than death.
Entry for the 24 hour city of bones contest.


1. Demon Attack

Hearing the crash at the front of the house again, I leap through the kitchen arch way. Breathing heavily; I mindlessly search for the small set of keys to open the glass patio doors. A louder noise comes from the front of the house, and with my back to the door, I awkwardly open it out behind me. Stepping outside, turning round, just in time to see the cream leather sofa fly across the living room, propelling into the mirror, and shattering glass everywhere. I shut the door and run to the side of the small bungalow, I realise that the side gate is locked. My current intention being to climb and jump the three metre tall painted wood planks, when I hear a loud scream, almost too high pitch for the human ear. Then just Silence.


I stop myself from climbing the gate, and let my inquisitive nature lead me back round the side of the house. Without prior notice, the back door glass explodes, and my heart almost jumps out my mouth in shock horror. I watch in consternation as an imposing black mass of bleeding flesh, talons and claws accelerates out from the smashed pane and lands in a heap on the shadowed patio ground. Too stunned to move from my now frozen crouching position, my confused mind replays the high pitch scream. Forcing myself to stand, I attempt composure and hesitantly walk back to where I had escaped the house. I reach the patio where the bleeding, broken beast lies, and a tall black figure stands. I can feel my own blood rushing through my veins, and my breath so quick, it would seem to anyone I had been running.


The mysteriously eclipsed silhouette approaches nearer, becoming illuminated in the phosphorescence rays from a small object held in its left hand. Long sharp blade glistening silver, in its right. The lifeless beast vanishes from sight. We stand either side of where the limp wilted creature once lay. The figure is clearer and I can now see that it is a young female, maybe a few years older than me. She lifts her head and drops her hood. I gasp, too panicked to breathe. I manage to find breath to softly mutter a few words into the foggy air. “….Madison?” I black out.

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