The Curse Of The Carpet Building.

it was that day when I gave her the present, my whole life turned upside down, everyone disappeared, and the zombie apocalypse has started how am i going to put everything right?


3. The Fight For The Key.

I went to bed early that night, knowing that I had to make thing's right in the morning, it was scary going to sleep in an unknown place, that valued it's people and life, and all of this had dissapeared, the only thing you can think about is your family and friend's, that are scared and worried  also in another unknown place, I got up early the next morning, and walked passionately over to my window, to my unknown surprise, the streets where on fire, and there where alarm's going off, and people walking around, but they where not people, they where zombies, I didn't know what to do and screamed in fear, I saw deadly eye's looking towards my window, trying to break down my door, screaming "we will take your life", I worried and ran to my basement, I heard the door go through, but they never found me, I thought by looking in the boxes in my basement, I might be able to make some weaponry, but  instead I found the key, so all that was left to do was find the box, so I used my wife's old make up  and disguised my self as a zombie, I saw the box on top of statue, I quickly got the box and put the key in it, and everything was back to normal The End!

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