The Curse Of The Carpet Building.

it was that day when I gave her the present, my whole life turned upside down, everyone disappeared, and the zombie apocalypse has started how am i going to put everything right?


1. The Beginning Of The End.

she walked through those doors with that diamond look in her eyes, it made me feel a shivering sensation, she shook her hair, snow drifted out of it like a beautiful downfall, i felt a slight passion of air drive past my neck, she as the owner of the place you know, Lucy Turner was her name, the business was going great until the curse came.

It was one winter afternoon when it happened, Christmas day in fact, you see, we have a rule, where you have to buy a co-worker a present, I was thinking this year is my year, I was trying to the the best there could be, so I decided to buy Lucy Turner the present, this was when my whole plan hung it's self over the cliff edge, but still it walked on, I was on my way to the local shop to purchase this heart warming gift, when I was grabbed, and all I saw was a piece of cloth being forced towards my mouth, all I felt was sleepy, and that was the last thing I remembered.

I think it was about twenty four hours later when I woke up, but for all I know it could have been five or six minutes later, I felt a sudden drop of water to the face, almost a second after that another one, I got up, for some reason it was harder to get up, it felt like I  was strapped down, and was told to try my best to get up, but it was impossible, but actually I did manage to get up, after getting up I felt a source of dizzieness, I fell and gripped a wall near by, and pulled my self back up to my feet and rested upon the wall, I saw a woman near by, I wasn't to shore weather it was a woman as my eye sight was split into two, there where tonnes of questions running, sprinting even, through my mind, the woman said to me "I here your looking for a Christmas present", I replied "yes, but what has it got to do with you", "take this" she replied it was a strange, old wooden box, with a nine inch lock she said "tell her never to open it and it will always bring her good luck", I replied "what if she open's it from self actions", "then she and everyone else will face disastrous consequences", all of a sudden, she dissapeared into mid air, and for the rest of that day I never thought anything of it.


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