My Guardian Angel


Valerie had always been different. Julian knew of's what made her so special.

He just didn't know how different.

Valerie has been living amongst the human world ever since her 1st birthday. She is an angel, sent to Earth forced with the lower rank of being a guardian to find her Key-a person who she was born to protect. Only when her Key has been found, is she able to be free to go back to Heaven and gain a higher role as an Angel to take back the respect of her clan's name.


1. Party Time


"Tonight's the night," I mumbled to my reflection, as I checked the final touches before the party. Or should I say the party. This particular Friday night belonged to the princess of the school- Miller Ashworth. It was her 18th birthday party and the whole school was invited.

18. You know, the big one? The one where you're supposed to reach the all elusive title of womanhood. The reason why this night is so important to me on the other hand, is because today also happens to be the 18th anniversary since I descended here.


Which, I suppose you could also call it my 18th birthday. In Angel terms, this means the night I'm old enough to feel the Key, and thus locate it in order to protect it (from, who knows really).You see, there are only a few Keys in a generation and in parts of the world which are targets of The Dark. Demons, who, if they can destroy a Key can enter the Angel Realm, known as Candricar. My last name, Nightlorn, come from a legendary clan who's name used to shine with it's glory throughout  Candricar, but all that's left of it is the crumbled ruins of my father who being an Elite could not control his power and almost shut the light off at Candricar. Of course, having my father's blood, I'm apparently also a trouble maker and need to be tamed, which is why although I'm naturally supposed to be an Elite, half of my powers were stripped from me temporarily as a precaution and I was given the Guardian role for now. I'm not necessarily supposed to destroy any demon-if I can help it- merely locate and protect the Key. The Elite are supposed to come when needed to destroy the demon.This is not just my birthday, this is a test. And this will not even compare to the human's petty problems of that surprise algebra quiz.

"Valerie?" A patient voice called out from the other side of the door. Julian. My best friend.

I looked in the mirror one last time, with my glowing skin and golden hair, illuminating the room as if a star has been captured inside it. I needed to hide this from Julian. Not to mention, the not so subtle display of a grand pair of silky white wings, which opened proudly from my back.

"Just-just a second! I'm not decent!" I hurriedly scanned the surface of my table and grabbed my necklace engraved with my clan's symbol of the dove on the back and placed it over my neck. The glow immediately faded and my golden flowing hair settled on my shoulders, into a jet black while my wings disappeared. 

"Okay, come in" I breathed, wiping the sweat off my brow. After 18 years, I still wasn't used to the pain.

"Oh wow." I could feel Julian's eyes staring at me. I turned to meet his eyes, amused.

Julian wasn't a gym obsessed muscular guy, but slim and toned. His cheekbones were subtle, and his hair ash brown with eyes that were a calm blue, but full of an excited energy. He was very pretty. He could probably have passed for an Angel.

"Seeing as it's got the Julian seal of approval, let's finally go the princess's castle already."

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