My Guardian Angel


Valerie had always been different. Julian knew of's what made her so special.

He just didn't know how different.

Valerie has been living amongst the human world ever since her 1st birthday. She is an angel, sent to Earth forced with the lower rank of being a guardian to find her Key-a person who she was born to protect. Only when her Key has been found, is she able to be free to go back to Heaven and gain a higher role as an Angel to take back the respect of her clan's name.


3. Hide and Seek

"Miller?" I called out anxiously to the empty corridor. The lights were off, so I could only see the start of the corridor which seemed to stretch forever. Who knew what I was walking into...literally.

Something that all Angels are blessed with, regardless of the type of Angel is our gracefulness. Meaning that although these floors would creak for even a mouse, I could walk over them soundlessly. 

I put my hand over my necklace again whose light did not aid in seeing at all. It was very hot though, it's pulse urgent like the climax of a song. As if peril was just around the corner.


It came from behind me. Then everything sprung into action. 

Arms grabbed my side, and a hand clasped my mouth before I could scream. But I was swift and dug my elbow into something soft, before grabbing their neck and throwing their head against the wall. I brought my necklace up to illuminate....Julian's face.

"Julian?! What the h-", I stopped myself from saying the last word.

"I just-!"He choked and I realised my hands were still around his neck.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. You seemed to be in a daze and came up here alone," He said struggling to keep his voice steady, while rubbing his neck.

"Well- what was the whole hand over my mouth thing about?" 

"I'm not stupid Valerie. You're clearly trying to spy on Miller for something...and I don't know what that is, but I wasn't going to let you scream and ruin whatever plan you're stirring up." 

I sighed exhausted. "Please Julian, I'll be okay. Wait for me downstairs please."

His cheekbones more pronounced from the red light, and his eyes dark and intense, he looked even more serious.

"I've been waiting a lot today. Let me come with you."

This would be tricky to lie to Julian about...but he's stubborn and won't do as I say otherwise.

I held his hand tightly and lead him down the corridor. I didn't need another person to protect.

This part of the house was eerily cold for some reason and it appeared a lot older than the rest of the modern building. I opened one door carefully, but there was only darkness inside and a musty scent to accompany it. I doubted Princess Miller would be lounging in there.

"Did you hear that?" 

"No..." I stopped in my tracks. 

A girl's screams shook the walls.

"I definitely heard that one." I broke into a run to the end of the corridor, where the deafening noise had came from. 

"MILLER!" I cried. Julian kicked open the door and we stumbled inside panting harshly.

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