My Guardian Angel


Valerie had always been different. Julian knew of's what made her so special.

He just didn't know how different.

Valerie has been living amongst the human world ever since her 1st birthday. She is an angel, sent to Earth forced with the lower rank of being a guardian to find her Key-a person who she was born to protect. Only when her Key has been found, is she able to be free to go back to Heaven and gain a higher role as an Angel to take back the respect of her clan's name.


2. Her Royal Decree

"You're being unusually quiet Val. ....Don't be nervous, okay? I know you get a bit shy around other people you don't know, but I won't leave your side." He squeezed my shoulder gently.

"It's not that." I muttered inadvertently. 

Realising my mistake, and his growing change of reaction to my tone, I smiled cheesily at him to lighten it.

"Anywho, let's go!" I yelled suddenly, way too excited.

"Wait, what?" Julian inquired. "Hold on." He grabbed my arm back, just as I reached for the door.

Even though it was dark in the car, his eyes clearly flickered between concern and confusion. 

He said nothing, waiting for me to elaborate. My fingers subconsciously flew to my necklace.

"...You've been touching that thing a lot on the way here," he started slowly, as if trying to find the meaning within his own words.

God, he was quick. ....I mean Gosh, whups.

I licked my lips, trying to find my words. I mean, how would you even begin to explain?

Oh, by the way Julian. I've been keeping this secret from you for 10 years, but I'm an angel and tonight someone's life could be endangered and I have to use my magical angel powers to protect them. And oh yeah, I have fricking gigantic wings which sprout from my back. ....And I'm a blonde.

No, I could never tell him. I mean, I have definitely thought about it. The thought of not having someone to share this secret with kills me, but I can't lose Julian as a friend.

"I'm just being weird. Let's go!" I tried again, and succeeded, jumping out of the car. I could feel the air behind me hesitant, filled with hundreds of questions.

Wow, I'm a terrible liar. I suppose that makes me a better Angel?


Once we stepped into the house, the music crashed over us and people jumped  and danced around like the force of each beat knocked them back. It was a drastic contrast to the quiet night air outside. 

"I'll get us some drinks Val."

The Key has to be here. I can physically feel it. 

I clenched my ruby red necklace, which seemed to suddenly have it's own pulse like a beating heart. Its warmth spread to my palm.

I scanned the room, not exactly sure what I was supposed to be looking for. Looks like it's time to resort to the old fashioned method. I waded slowly through the crowds, relying on the necklace to guide me to the Key. 

Maybe if I start-

"Move loser!" Miller said pushing past me forcefully with her popular posse. I stared back at the back of her head with anger. I know it's her birthday, but hey it's technically mine and I'm not acting like a b-

The necklace. It's pulse was as strong and urgent as it had ever felt before as if it had suddenly was given a new lease of life, as if every ounce of it's being was trying to break out of it's crystal if it was trying to tell me something.

Miller! Miller was the Key?! 

Great, I have to protect Miller Ashworth. The girl who has been nothing but nasty to me and especially Julian for the past 5 years. I didn't know what I expected the Key to look like... but I definitely did not expect it to look like a fake tanned, barbie cheerleader.

I turned round abruptly, darting through groups of people to find her distinctive party crown which sat arrogantly on top of her head. It bobbed up and down in the distance between the crowd, teasing me.

Time to shut this down quickly before anything happens to her.

"Valerie! Looking hot per usual," the voice came from the tall figure blocking my way.

"Charming per usual Rick," I said tip toeing to attempt to peer over him...well find any point which might allow it. 

She was further away now.

"Look Rick, you're drunk. I've got to go," I urged trying to dart past him.

"Not so fast babe!" He said chuckling, while grabbing my shoulders. "What's wrong? You into that kid Julian instead?"

I shrugged him off me exasperated. 

"Get off her you pretentious asshole!" Oh thank goodness for Julian's perfect timing. After Julian's threatening glare, Rick finally got the picture.

"Got you your drink," Julian said with a bright grin, completely transforming his face. 

"I'll be right back," I said returning the smile, as I continue where I left off. I can almost feel Julian's wonder and hurt, which in turn hurts me too. But I can't think of that right now.

I get to a place where I'm in comfortable distance of Miller and her group but not close enough to lose sight of who, or what may be coming from a different angle. 

Miller's passing her beer to Amy, as she chokes with laughter on the sip she had just taken. 

If this observing is what being a guardian angel entails, then this is going to be a long night.

After twenty minutes of having watched the same scene play over and over again: Miller drinking, laughing, then slapping someone playfully, I decided maybe I should just go back to Julian and apologise. 

I scrap this idea when I see Miller start to walk upstairs, leaving her group behind. She's vulnerable now. It's time to sneak up on who may sneak on her.

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