Katherine Black isn't your average sixteen year old, let's just say she has a lot of enemies and instead of being the hunter she's being hunted. For 24 hours city of bones competition.


2. The Shadow Hunter



I sipped my drink in the bar keeping my head low and my hood up. I kept my hair down so that it would cover my face. I was still pretty out of breath from running from my earlier pursuer. For a demon hunter he was hot, like stop-in-the-middle-of-the-street-gawking hot. Most hunters were covered in scars and icky stuff but this guy was cool but he was fast, too fast. 

     Honestly i'm not a good runner but i'm a good fighter so all it took was shoving his head into the wall and he was out cold. So now i'm stuck in a bar hiding away because i'm an idiot who wants to get drunk. Thankfully i blend in because everyone is wearing black and leather like me, though they aren't carrying weapons. 

     Suddenly someone grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground. It was the demon hunter. He was staring at me with blazing green eyes which were actually really hot but slightly to Edward Cullen for me. Don't get me wrong, he's cool but he sparkles like a fairy, quite a turn of. His leather jacket was tight but it worked on him and he wore a very low black top which showed his rune tattoo things which gave away who he was. His jeans were also tight but again it worked. In his hand was a shining blade which sort of looked like ice, only special sort of demon hunters got to use these blades so this meant i was in trouble. 

      He grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and lifted me to my feet. The best way to play this guy was to act like an idiot which i'm actually quite good at. I giggled like a stupid blonde and pulled at his golden hair which looked like a lions mane.

"Pretty lion." i said with a giggle pretending i was drunk. He eyes narrowed in frustration but he let go of me. 

"Are you drunk?" he asked , even his voice was hot. 

     I walked over to my drink pretending to stumble a little. I took a huge sip of it and i turned to face him grinning like a lovestruck douche bag. 

"I dunno sweetheart, am i?" i slurred. He rolled his eyes and put his blade away the anger leaving his eyes. 

"Yes you are which actually makes this easier for me." he said pointing a finger at me. 

"Katherine Black, you're under arrest for killing the queen." he said boldly, this only made me laugh.

"Sweetheart, you're a shadowhunter, you don't arrest people." 

"How did you know?" he said with narrowed eyes

"Your shiny blade gave you away." i said with a giggle.

     I went to walk over to him but i tripped over the bar stool and fell into his arms. He was strong, really strong. I could see his tattoo rune things poking out from his leather jacket. He looked into my eyes and i couldn't help but stare back. A smirk was forming on his face and i felt a smile creeping on mine. He lifted me to my feet but kept his hands on my shoulders to steady me. 

"I like your tattoos, very macho but again it gives you away."

     His eyes widened at me and his hands left my shoulders.

"How can you see them?" he asked.

"Well, blondie, when you get tattoo's done the idea is that they can be seen otherwise you get them done on your butt but then again you probably have one there already." i said my voice dripping with sarcasm. 

"No, you shouldn't be able to see them. I'm using glamour so it doesn't give me away. I know you're a demon hunter but not one of my kind." he said. 

      I stopped pretending to play the idiot.

"Well if i can see your tattoo's then what?" i asked. For once he actually looked confused.

"I dont know. I can't take you back with me because they'll just kill you but i can't leave you for other hunters to get you." he said with frustration.

"So what do i do then? Plus whats's your name, it's not fair you know mine but i don't know yours." i said with a smile.

"Mason Grey" he said with a smile.

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