Katherine Black isn't your average sixteen year old, let's just say she has a lot of enemies and instead of being the hunter she's being hunted. For 24 hours city of bones competition.


1. Katherine Black

  Look i'm not a criminal. I do what i have to do because i'm a demon hunter, nothing more to it. Yes i killed the queen but she was a demon in disguise, any other demon hunter would do what i did. Yes, i know i wasn't that clever about it, i guess killing her in public wasn't smart but it had been now or never. 

     If you don't want to get involved with me i suggest you stop reading now because life isn't exactly easy when your with me. So now i'm being hunted by pretty much every demon hunter and police in the world. I'm the worlds most wanted criminal. You'd think they'd understand but no, i was just doing my job!

     Anyway enough complaining, lets go back to the present. 



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