A Reedlings Dream.

Can Samirah Jones use social network Twitter to have a dream date with X-Factor contestant Reed Deming?


2. That click.

....I clicked on her twitter profile. It said "Followed by Reed Deming" This Jaime girl was my path way to heaven. forget heaven. To my life, and my idol. I can get close to her, befriend her. THEN ask her to direct message Reed saying could you follow @Samirahjones? But what I have to do first is follow her. Have her follow me. Wait let me stalk her twitter first.   

------------------------------           --------------------------------

        DATE ME                                            ASK ME

------------------------------           --------------------------------

At that moment I saw she is in love with Reed. Maybe she won't help me...

I stood up looked my self in the mirror feeling confident than sat right back down saying to my self "No way he wants this" I need a makeover. NO! Natural beauty is what he likes and is what he will get. Not from me.... Ugh  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY   

nothing goes right, never. AM I AWKARD? Oh no.. Someone help me. I mean we do live in texas  only 184 miles away. Maybe he has seen me before somehow, somewhere. Ha no. I would know if here were near me. Maybe if I take my glasses off and put perfume on. 

As im taking my glasses off I grabbed my Womens axe body spray and accidentally sprayed it in my eyes. 

"Yeah no, i need my glasses.." 

I heard a ding, where did it come from? I looked on my twitter and saw @Itsjustmejaime followed me. Now she is following me and I am following her I can direct message her..

My hands are trembling, " Hey umm. Jaime? Could you Dm Reed and ask if he could follow me?"

another ding? Whats going on?


from: @Reeddeming

@Samriahjones Hey beautiful I just got a

Dm from Jaime and I would love to follow



My life just got better. 

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