A Reedlings Dream.

Can Samirah Jones use social network Twitter to have a dream date with X-Factor contestant Reed Deming?


1. No Sleep, Rain drops.

Why? That's the only question I always ask my self whenever I'm on Twitter. Am I annoying? Maybe he doesn't see my tweets... OR maybe he saw all my tweets, looked at my pictures and saw I was unattractive. Okay I need to slow down. He has a lot of fans that tweet him too. Oh well. LET THE SPAMMING BATTLES BEGIN. It's 1pm here in Anderson Texas, where the population is only 226. Maybe thats why he won't follow me, i'm nobody. As i'm getting my laptop out from under my bed I banged my head on the bed -,- please don't mock me. Okay that didn't go as planned. Im getting on to my bed opening my laptop getting on twitter. What did I see? YES HE FOLLOWED ME!!!! The adrenaline rush going through me is unreal. I clicked the account so i can take a screenshot where it says *Follows you*. But what the hell did I see in the bio? " Reed Demings parody account" Well that screwed my whole night. I thought he knew my name. FOR A GOD DAMN SECOND I THOUGHT HE KNEW I EXISTED. Now what? All my energy just went down the drain. Now i actually have to spam him... maybe it is worth it? I mean there was this one girl who just tweeted him "@Reeddeming make my night do something to my twitter" But if I had to tweet that it would be stealing.


                                                                                                  @ReedDeming Follow me?


No, no, no. It's to bland. I need to spice it up.


@ReedDeming Do you see me?


 still think im annoying.. But I always see him meeting pretty girls, you know that feeling when your crush doesn't like you? That is what I feel like. I mean it takes me 10 mins to think of a regular tweet. It's 100x that amount to think of a tweet for Reed. Do I call him babe? Baby? Sweetie? I DONT KNOW. I mean this is love at first sight. Well on my part it is. Now its 6Pm the only real way to spam him is by just tweeting "@Reeddeming follow me" "@Reeddeming follow me 1" and on and on with the numbers so why not? As i get to 50 spam tweets, my Interactions blow up with hate. "He will never follow you" " you will never meet him" "Your to ugly for a follow from him" This night was so bad I can't sleep. Im crying. These tears are the size of a rain drop. All i want is for my idol to follow me. 1 click of a button. Then I get 1 new  Interaction, a tweet from @itsjustmejaime "@SamirahJones your beautiful reed will follow you, may not follow you today. But he will. Stay strong and spam him girl!" Her. She is the one. She is really nice and put me in a great mood but guess what? 

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