1D story!!!!!!!!!
]This story goes to Hannah or as you may call her Hharper13.
Hi my name is Hannah.I'm a secret journalist who writes articles for the magazine M.I know I'm too young but they thought why not use a 13 year old and use our connections to win competitions to stay with celebrities and send her to get the latest scoop.And my next mission is to get some mind-blowing news of................................drum roll please........................................One Direction.Well because alot of news have been going that aren't their usual selfs so I'm investigating.
(don't hesitate to hate as I am open to the new ideas)


18. ?????????????

Hannah's POV-

I was whimpering before I remembered I left my phone in my back pocket of my jean's,these goons have no brains I thought before laughing out loud because of my joke.

"I think this one's going mad"one boy said.

"What did you expect she's just a kid"a girl said.

"What date is it"I said annoyingly.

"uuuummmmmm 9 of November"one said.

"My birthday's tomorrow"I muttered.

"Guy's it's her bday tomorrow"another girl said.I have to get out of here I thought to myself.So I started to like try to butdial the police first on speeddial.

"What the hell are you doing"one shouted but I didn't stop till I heard the voice.

"999 what's your emergency"the voice said.

"Help I've been kidnapped along with other people,I don't know where I am just track it and fast please"I said about to cry.........

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