1D story!!!!!!!!!
]This story goes to Hannah or as you may call her Hharper13.
Hi my name is Hannah.I'm a secret journalist who writes articles for the magazine M.I know I'm too young but they thought why not use a 13 year old and use our connections to win competitions to stay with celebrities and send her to get the latest scoop.And my next mission is to get some mind-blowing news of................................drum roll please........................................One Direction.Well because alot of news have been going that aren't their usual selfs so I'm investigating.
(don't hesitate to hate as I am open to the new ideas)


8. ???????


I jumped out the car when our butler opened the door and showed me to where my mother and father were."Hi Mum,Hey dad"I said giving each of them a kiss.

"Honey were  divorced"They both said at the same time,see my parents always get straight to the point,I guess thats why their really famous lawyers.

"What why how"I said breaking into tears for the second time today.

"Honey,I'm prego for another man ages ago"she said ashamed.

"First when.second your not a teen your 35 and third that explains the baggy clothes and I know it's my fault"I said before climbing back into the car to get ready to drive to the airport.


I'm coming back!!!!!!!!!

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