1D story!!!!!!!!!
]This story goes to Hannah or as you may call her Hharper13.
Hi my name is Hannah.I'm a secret journalist who writes articles for the magazine M.I know I'm too young but they thought why not use a 13 year old and use our connections to win competitions to stay with celebrities and send her to get the latest scoop.And my next mission is to get some mind-blowing news of................................drum roll please........................................One Direction.Well because alot of news have been going that aren't their usual selfs so I'm investigating.
(don't hesitate to hate as I am open to the new ideas)


2. ???????????

Hannah POV-

I rushed to my seat to see 5SOS finishing up their performance.When 1D came on stage to annouce who's going on tour with them,"Okay it's section GA1 seat 389"Niall said sadly annoyed.I didn't bother check my ticket cause I knew I already won so I stood up while a security guard pulled me up on stage.Normal routine smile and give hugs,I remembered my boss telling me as I began doing it.I looked at their faces to see them all annoyed at me for being at their presense.I walked off stage and was escorted into their dressing room while they finished the concert.I was waiting for them when I started to fall asleep see my boss trained each one of us to be able to sleep and hear conversations at the same time.Like if your in a coma.I suddenly heard voices come in  laughing and talking..........talking about me!!!!!!!!!.

"Did you see the way she hugged us it was over annoying"I heard Louis say while the others laughed."Guys look she asleep awww doesn't she need an blankie"Zayn said laughing harder.Wow is that the best they can do see I'm trained to not care what people say about me.I decided to wake up.I yawned and opened my eyes to see them all staring at me as if I'm inhuman.I started to giggle as I imagined them as aliens."What you laughing at"Louis said angrily.Before I could answer 5 girls came in and Kissed their own boy."Niall,Harry didn't know you had girlfriends"I said staring at the one with Harry intensly as she looked familar."Rachel"I said as I stood up and walked towards her to see her face properly when she shouted "Hannah"I ran up to her and hugged her."Omg what are you doing here oh and hows Henry"I said rambling on and on."When she suddenly stopped me by replying with "He's fine he really missed you"she said laughing."Oh"I said and looked up to see Harry glaring at me.See me and Henry were best friends before he moved but as best friends he didn't  know I was a reporter type of spy."Hi I'm Hannah"I said putting my hand out to shake instead I was engulfed in hugs."I guess you know the rest of the girls but I'm Kaelyn,Niall's girl"she said hugging him.(pronounced K-lin).

I took my password journal out and typed in the pin and started to write.

Dear poppy

As you may already know I won.No big suprise there but the boys.....It makes me wonder how they have such pretty and kind girlfriends.But still I've got some scoop already the next 3 months will be a breeze.Gotta go their wondering what I'm doing oh and I'm changing you to the setting where you have to put your thumb on the screen and it will unlock because I'm worried the boys will you know learn my secret.



I changed the setting and locked it again and put it in my bag."What were you writing in"Harry said smirking when he took the journal out of the bag and tried to unlock it but got electrocuted instead."Still have that diary I see oh and babe you should be happy it could be worse Henry touched it and got kicked where the sun don't shine"she said smirking.

"Oh Rachie wheres Henry incase you locked him in the car again like that bet that you know happened"I said laughing at the memory."I infact did you can go get him"She said laughing and giving me the keys.

I ran out the door and into the car park to see a red car with the 13 year old boy I wanted to see for a long time.I walked up to the car unlocked it and said Hi.................................


Hope you like it!!!!!

And this is what Hannah looks like



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