1D story!!!!!!!!!
]This story goes to Hannah or as you may call her Hharper13.
Hi my name is Hannah.I'm a secret journalist who writes articles for the magazine M.I know I'm too young but they thought why not use a 13 year old and use our connections to win competitions to stay with celebrities and send her to get the latest scoop.And my next mission is to get some mind-blowing news of................................drum roll please........................................One Direction.Well because alot of news have been going that aren't their usual selfs so I'm investigating.
(don't hesitate to hate as I am open to the new ideas)


20. Kidnapped

(don't read third paragraph if you don't want to because contains bad words)

Jake's POV-

"Everyone get in the freaking livingroom now!"I shouted angrily.Hannah's missing and what do they do nothing for all I know she could be dead by now.They all rushed into the livingroom fast but Harry who came late annoyed.

"What the hell do you want"Harry yelled at me it made me furious.

"What I want is to fucking tell you guys that the girl your meant to be taking care of is fucking out there and for all we know she could be raped or killed by some fucking bastard"I said before walking out to look for her and to calm down.I was walking around the park just looking around when I saw lots of police cars speeding towards something and some officers talking to some people asking them things,I got curious and went up to one to ask what going on.

"excuse me what's going on"I asked.

"A girl and other people have been kidnapped,we got a call from them asking for help we're just looking for people who know them"he replied.

"wait I have a friend,I think she's one of them her names Hannah Prescott aged 13"I said worriedly.

"Alright take me home I need a talk with your guardians or parents"he said and followed me home...............

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