The Mark

What do you do when everything you know if flipped upside down? When everyone you love disappears from right in front of their eyes? Nobody knows what that would feel like, but Willow's about to find out.


1. The Mark

Cautiously, Willow reached out for the handle of the front door she knew so well. She'd lived in this house for all 16 years of her life, yet everything seemed different this time. The blue paint of the door more vibrant and glistening then every before, the rusting metal door handle, more polished than she ever remembered. Before turning the handle, she paused to adjust her fading black shirt -assuring the fraying sleeves covered her arms and the hem her stomach. She dreaded what would be waiting for her when she opened the door. However, the reality of what she found had never even crossed her chaotic mind. She'd expected her mum to be perched restlessly on the tattered grey armchair that slouched in the corner, her dad pacing up and down uneasily. She'd expected shouts of frustrated relief and a warm desperate embrace. But that's not what saw.


The overwhelming sound of silence hit her, not just silence - she thought- emptiness. There wasn't a single hopeful sign that anybody had been there any time recently, which made no sense at all to a now panicked Willow. Her parents should be here, her brother should be in his room. His room! Sudden relief spread into her rapid beating heart, she had only been in one room, her brother - Jamie- was probably just in his room on his computer as usual. Attempting to reassure herself, she hesitantly crept up the creaking stairs of her vast, Victorian-style LA house, towards her brothers bedroom.


As she opened the door she took a deep breath, then slowly stepped inside his spacious, green-walled room. His bed lay on the far side of the room below a large poster of some size 0 model Willow didn't recognize - she rolled her eyes when she saw it like she always did, and if he had been there he would have picked up his blue and green striped, fluffy pillow and thrown it at her. She stopped dead in her tracks - if he has been there, but he wasn't. he wasn't anywhere to be seen. That's when she noticed the blood. Thick and dark, it was splattered down the walls in no particular pattern- the sign of a struggle. She hastily ran from the room, the site of the blood making her sick to her stomach, but as she rushed towards the stairs something struck her. How has she not noticed before? Down the entirety of the wall next to the stairs were fresh blood splatters, then at the bottom of the stairs, almost by the front door, she saw it. Recognition shot through her, sending shivers down her spine.Drawn in blood was the same symbol she knew -with out having to double check- she has earlier found imprinted in black ink on her wrist.

The symbol of The Dark Priest.




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