The Night Catcher

This is for the Mortal Instruments 24 hour comp


1. The Night Catcher

Night time is when people sleep and rest themselves. A time where Everyone lets unconsciousness take over, and escape into a world full of dreams. Everyone, except Crystal. Darkness for her means chaos. No one else knows they exist but her. Dream catchers. Not the kind you hang above your bed or window though. Real ones, that lurk when darkness falls, feeding on your dreams. Tucked up in a cosy bed, all comfy and content, is where you might think you are safest, but think again. These Dream catchers are terrifying creatures, who turn your sweetest dreams into the ugliest of nightmares.

However, they are not left alone to haunt the night. These creatures may always lurk the streets of London, constantly feeding on our precious dreams, but Crystal will always be there to ward them off. Defeat them, if she can. So who is this Crystal? Well, she isn't any ordinary human being, that's for sure. In fact, she isn't human at all. Unlike us, she has a heart made of crystal, which is also why she has been named so. To have a crystal heart means that you possess much higher and powerful qualities than other people. For starters, her senses are magnified to the best of levels, allowing her to have perfect vision, smell, hearing and taste. Only she can sense them. To any other human being, they are scentless. To any other human being, they appear invisible and soundless. To any other human being, they are creatures that don't exist. But they very much do exist. Although Crystal cannot hear these creatures, she can still smell their scent, which to her smells rancid and vile. She can taste their presence in the atmosphere and can hear their victims scream from a great distance. However, Dream Catchers also have incredible sight and hearing, meaning that Crystal has to be careful when she is patrolling the streets at night. Usually, Crystal would travel in the shadows, and remain close to secluded alley ways and roof tops. This was ideal for Crystal, as she could see well in the dark and had the ability to climb and jump great distances. Most Dream Catchers travelled underground, only coming up when they need to feed. Unless anyone slept down in the sewers, then humans were safe up above unless a Dream Catcher came up.

Tonight was unlike any other night. Crystal was not long awake from a day of sleep in her single bedroom flat, which was just along from the Big Ben. Her apartment was right at the top of the entire block of flats, yet she felt no vertigo at all. In fact, she quite enjoyed being up so high. It made her feel free and peaceful. Not to mention the noise of traffic and people coming from the busy streets below was not as noticable way up high. The layout of her room was very basic. A television lay in the corner, not far from her bed. On the opposite side was a shelf filled with books and a massive wardrobe that contained clothes for all weather types. She didn't need a kitchen or a toilet, as unlike the Dream Catchers, Crystal fed on nightmares. She liked to think of herself as a Night Catcher. As similar as she looked to a human being, she really was completely different. Her body could adapt to any temperature, be it extreme heat or an icy cold storm. The pigment in her skin was pure white, so if she did ever expose herself in front of humans, she would be noticed right away as being different from everyone else. As for her eyes, they were a glittering blue, that featured no pupil, and her mouth was more defined and lacked teeth. Everything else was more or less the same as other humans, but she was nocturnal and alone. No family. No one to talk to. She was just there to fight and protect humanity.

For someone to have all their dreams stolen, can result in lethal consequences. For a Dream Catcher to kill a person though, they have to feed on them often and over a long period of time. Usually that person becomes more depressed and sad the more they are fed on. It is Crystal's job to prevent this from happening, and so she does the same routine every night. She was just glad that she didn't have the ability to cry, otherwise she feared that she would be constantly in tears if she could.

The air was close and muggy, but at the same time dry with clear sky. This was Crystals favourite kind of weather, as it allowed her to star gaze when there wasn't much action and she didn't have to worry about getting wet. She may be waterproof, but her hair was just as important to her as any other female, and she liked to look her best all the time, even thought there wasn't anyone else that would notice her.

As she strode across the deserted streets to where she heard a scream, Crystal could feel the rush of air whipping up her hair, and it felt nice. At the speed she could travel, it was no wonder that a windless night would even push a hair out of place.

As the girl drew closer to the scream, she drew out a weapon that she always used to help ward off the Dream Catchers. It couldn't kill them, but it made a good distraction and prevented them from continuing to feed. If she couldn't here any other's feeding, Crystal would beckon the creature outside with an illusion she was able to create that fooled the Dream Catcher into thinking she would make a good target to prey on, hence her human-like form. Once she led it outside, the girl would then release any stolen dreams back to their owner by whispering a chant, and then feed off the Dream Catcher whom was made up by pure nightmares. Her attempts weren't always a success though. If other Dream Catchers came along during one of her attacks, she would have to retreat to a safe place, otherwise they would feed off her and she would cease to exist.


By Nicole McIntosh

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