Nobody Does it Better

A tribute to 50 years of James Bond. When a secret missile plans are stolen, and the UK's top Nuclear Scientist disappears its up to James Bond to save the day.

I will publish a first snippet of the opening, if I get more than 5likes i will continue to write it.


1. Switzerland

James Bond felt the Ski Board fly into the air as icy mist rose behind him, a clowd of glistening particals silently clinking together then falling elegantly towards the ground. Bond wore a thick North Face coat with a detachable fleece, the fluffy hood pulled tight around his head. He had mirrored sun glasses hiding his eyes. He wore black ski-trousers with many pockets, one with a map, one with a large compass, one with a whistle, one with a set of binoculars, and one with his trusted Walfer PPK and four magazines 

Sliding to a stop with almost show off ease, Bond removed the binoculars from his pocket and placed them to his eye. He could see the beautiful mountains and hills, this was miles off peak. He could smell the difference from the busy tourist area and this tranquil section of the Swiss countryside.

Suddenly over the mountain Bond is inspecting's peak a skier appears closely followed by three Ski-doos. After a number of flashes and pumes of snow flying into the air, James Bond realises that this lone skier is infact being followed.

007 glides away at speed towards the persuit, removing his Walfer PPK from another pocket. He was ready.

Just as the skier reaches he pushes round his right leg round so now he is heading in the direction of the skier.

He points the gun behind him and shoots one of the Ski-doos. The driver swerves but the bullet hits the ski, shattering it. It flips over throwing the driver off into the snow but the body o the shooter is crumpled.

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