Teen Age Runaway... Harry Styles fanfic

With Love if your truly in love then you'd do anything for it.. give your life.. Leave everything behind... Lie to save that special someone.. right?
That's what Cleo Edwards was told through all her life from her mother and she's going by it finishing her final year of College at a new college after moving to a whole different town to Manchester Performing Arts College and becoming instantly popular you'd think Cleo had the life problem was she liked this one boy well loved this one boy and that boy loved her but her family disapproved of him because of one stupid mistake Cleo's family on her back about how she's ruined her life she's just about ready to crack. The day she does her family forces to choose over a weeks of deciding either her family or Harry she chooses harry.
but will this decision destroy her life forever or make it a happy ever after?
love makes you do stupid things after all.


1. New Town

Cleo Pov

'kiss me like you wonna be loved.. this feels like were fallin in love' I humed slowly to Ed Sheeran my head leaning against the cool glass window watching the world pass by I looked at my family my Farther John talking to my mother endlessly on how this is a great chance.. you see we are moving to some place called Manchester for a promotion for my dads work my mum wasn't and still isn't happy about having to drop everything and go frankly neither was I, I just got nominated to goto one of the highest Performing Art schools in America but instead im going to one in Manchester I have know Idea what Im gonna do its senior year for me and I'm moving to a completely new place and I mean new! I know absaloutley no one my dad being like any other farther not understanding this social suicide move this whole thing has on me! my sister annabella couldn't care less she's five and doesn't get anything

"Cleo.. sweety where here." Dad said tapping my shoulder I glared at him nd got out of the car turning of my music

"Cleo be happy this is like a fresh start for us !" Dad said cheerfully I groaned and walked in the house not being shocked by the size me and my family where rich to the core (no joke) but I hated it my parents expect me to be a lawyer or a doctor they are only letting me goto a freagin performing arts school so then they have something to actually be proud of!

* at dinner*

mum had made her chicken pot pie I was still pissed about being here I had unpacked about 12 boxes of crap Annabella is completely happy with the move cause dad got her a freagin jumpin castle out the back he satisfied mum for now with a diamond necklace but he has nothing on me he tried a pink dress but failed... I. HATE. PINK.

"So Cleo you excited for the new school"

"nope." I stated jambing my fork into a piece of chicken but not eating

"Why sweety its a fresh st-"

"shut up dad its not a fresh start!" I said raising my voice that made the table quiet

"Don't talk to your farther like that Cleo" my mum said sternly

"MUM! Seriously you hated this idea until dad once again got his way through money!" I growled putting my fork down my dad was pissed now he was red as a tamatoe

"I WORK HARD FOR YOU CLEO!" he yelled I scoffed at him standing


"GOTO YOUR ROOM THIS IS A FRESH START WE NEEDED THIS CLEO" my dad yelled I walked up the stairs then turned around

"Its never a fresh start for anyone but you.... lets not forget I have done well with my life I got a scolership before here! I spent my 6th, 10th, 16th and 17th birthday on a freagin plane for you and don't say you love me cause yah don't you even said so yourself when I was 10 that I was never actually meant to happen that's right I heard you." I said angrily walking up stairs I heard mum say that im right about this one I smiled a little then went into my room locking the door I grabbed my cd played and plugged it in putting simple plan on full blast I knew my dad hated this band heaps but he deserves this!

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