Teen Age Runaway... Harry Styles fanfic

With Love if your truly in love then you'd do anything for it.. give your life.. Leave everything behind... Lie to save that special someone.. right?
That's what Cleo Edwards was told through all her life from her mother and she's going by it finishing her final year of College at a new college after moving to a whole different town to Manchester Performing Arts College and becoming instantly popular you'd think Cleo had the life problem was she liked this one boy well loved this one boy and that boy loved her but her family disapproved of him because of one stupid mistake Cleo's family on her back about how she's ruined her life she's just about ready to crack. The day she does her family forces to choose over a weeks of deciding either her family or Harry she chooses harry.
but will this decision destroy her life forever or make it a happy ever after?
love makes you do stupid things after all.


6. First school day..

i woke up the next morning he bruise I had was gone thank the lord but I had butterfly's in my stomach today was the first day of school and I had to make an impression on people I don't know anyone there!

"Cleo sweety its time to get up" my mum said knocking on the door

"I'm up!" I shouted back she mumbled an okay and that breakfest was ready down stairs I got up and went to my closet seems I had unpacked alot of shit or my mum did I dont know

"What to wear what to wear.." I mumbled to my self then I saw my fav pair of black leather jeans I pulled them out and thought of something simple that would go with that I grabbed my grey T-shirt sleeve croptop, my red VANS, some black leather braclets, my fav red beanie an for my school bag my small little black leather handbag that had studs on the opening bit. my hair was soft curls down and make up very natraul


(and my bag)

after I finished up with my make up I went over to my desk which had everything I needed to go in my hand bag,

(pic of stuff in bag)

in my bag I had

-mini make up bag for touch ups

-3 note books for my class study's

-2 nail polishes


-my iphone

-sun glasses


-keys to house and car

-and finally my diary for filling in what i have planned for the future partys, exams etc

I shoved everything in and took one last glance in the mirror before I ran down stairs mum had made me waffles but I wasn't hungry so I grabbed an apple and chucked it in my bag

"Morning sweety you look hot" My mum said fixing annabella's hair I smiled and rushed around the kitchen getting things ready I kissed annabella on the forehead and hugged mum

"Mum wheres dad?" I asked she smiled

"Work princess he said your car arrived yesterday when you where out he put it out the front this morning" I smiled big and kissed her cheek running out the house when I got out the front I saw my beloved car 

(pic of car its a black audi)

I hoped in the car and put on my sun glasses and typed in the adress of my new school it turns out it was just a few blocks away and I had to drive past the Styles cafe so I decided a coffee was good 

It took me about 3 minutes to get to Harrys familys cafe I parked the car and hoped out boys gauked at me I smirked this happened back in my home town boys usually only had black audi's while the girls had mini black shitty cars but I hated small cars and I loved audi's so I brought one :D anyway I walked into the cafe and Gemma was being a waitress today she spotted me and walked over

"Don't you look hot!" she said I laughed and did a little pose she giggled

"Thanks I'm heading off to school first day today and I thought I coffee would help" I said she nodded gesturing for me to follow her we went behind the counter and into the section where tehy made coffee's harry was making some type of hot drink when I spotted him I smiled and ran over and hugged him he jumped but when he turned around he hugged me

"Wow you look hot" he said checking me out I waked his head

"I'm here to get a coffee then head to school" I said his eye's widened

"SHIT Sorry Cleo I have to go grab my bag before Im late for school I have to walk!" he said taking his apprin off I looked at him funny

"Harry whats your school" I asked following him out the back whilst Gemma started making me a coffee

"Performing arts school just up the road a few blocks away"

"THANK GOD" I yelled he looked at me weird slipping on his bag I smiled

"Meet your newest student at the school" I said bowing his eyes widened

"So your the new girl"

"Yep! I was freaking out thinking I wouldnt know anyone there!" I laughed he smiled and drapped his arm around my shoulders

"Well you have me now" I chuckled and we headed out the front 

"heres your coffee Cleo" Gemma said handing the coffee to me I smiled and payed for it me and Harry walked out the front

"so how are you getting to school?" Harry asked I smiled and pointed to my car across the road

"THATS YOUR CAR" he shouted I nodded happily and jogged across the road an hoped in Harry was quickly behind sitting in the passengers seat

"So explain to me the rules of the school" I said as I drove he smiled and rambled on about all the groups the nerds the middlers (people that were half nerds half cool) and the populars

"What part are you?" I asked he blushed

"I'm part of the populars" he said I nodded impressed 

"Cool so does that mean I have a one way ticket into popularity?" I asked laughing whilst I found a parking spot in the school people where staring at my car I hoped out and everyone was still staring but it got real weird and loud when Harry got out he walked over and grasped my hand I looked at him with the 'what the hell are you doing' look he just whispered in my ear

"Go with it other wise you'll get shit at this school" I nodded and played along people stared the cheerleaders of the school came and walked next to me complementing my look

"It's so tomboyish!" said one cheer leader I groaned because I hated people like this

"Its gross" said one girl I looked at her and I could tell she was the head cheer leader

"So's your face" I said dull acting like I was bored Harry was still holding my hand but his face was shocked 

"Your going to die in this school" she said glaring at me then she gave a wink to Harry this made me smirk i know she likes harry!

"At least I got harry unlike you" I said she gapped at me and I sped walked ahead dragging harry with me the bell went and I looked at him

"Harry you can let go of my hand" I said gesturing there was no one around but he shook his head

"I know we only just met a few days ago but I really likke you will you be my girlfriend?" he asked I looked at him shocked I couldnt reply I know I really liked him hes really hot he has a great personality he looked at me longingly but then the second warning bell went off his face dropped and so did his hand

"I have to go meet me at the cafeteria its just those double doors we passed" he said walking away I wanted to shout out 'HARRY STOP YES ILL BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND' But I couldnt its like my mouth was clamped shut I sighed and looked at my time table first class I had was acting I sighed and headed towards the room D7 where it said the class was 


I sat in instrumental class devistated that she didnt answer me Niall and Liam where comferting me I had texted zayn an Louis what happened I cant believe me Im so stupid!!

"Mr styles please pay attention" Said mr clarke I nodded at him showing I was and he went on babbling


I walked into the room and I had heaps of people staring at me I just put my head down and sat at the back 2 guys stood and came sat either side of me

"Hey your the girl I walked into" said the one on my right my eyes grew wide LOUIS! I turned my head and smiled 

"hey louis"

"Cleo right?" he asked i nodded

"Hey Im zayn" said the guy on my left I shook his hand

"Cleo" I said he nodded then frowned

"Cleo is the name of the girl harry got rejected by" Zayn said my eyes grew wide

"i didn't reject him it took me by surprise he's actually really attractive i wanted to say yes but it didnt come out now I think he hates me he totally dissed me saying we'd meet at the cafeteria at lunch but i dont think he's gonna show" I stated 

"MRS CLEO IM TRYING TO TEACH" Screamed the teacher I mumbled sorry and sank in my seat groaning thinking of how i upset harry..

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