Teen Age Runaway... Harry Styles fanfic

With Love if your truly in love then you'd do anything for it.. give your life.. Leave everything behind... Lie to save that special someone.. right?
That's what Cleo Edwards was told through all her life from her mother and she's going by it finishing her final year of College at a new college after moving to a whole different town to Manchester Performing Arts College and becoming instantly popular you'd think Cleo had the life problem was she liked this one boy well loved this one boy and that boy loved her but her family disapproved of him because of one stupid mistake Cleo's family on her back about how she's ruined her life she's just about ready to crack. The day she does her family forces to choose over a weeks of deciding either her family or Harry she chooses harry.
but will this decision destroy her life forever or make it a happy ever after?
love makes you do stupid things after all.


4. A little gift

Cleo POV

I woke up from my sister screaming at the top of her lungs at  my door I had locked it last night so no one could get in.. Wish it could bloke sound

"ANNABELLA SHUT UP!" I screamed it went silent then heard a little giggle I rolled over slipping out of my bed

"AH!" I shrieked landing on my ass I groaned getting up I opened my curtains and had a flash  back of last night.. whats his name.. Harry? I looked through my window and a shiny objected caught my eye I looked down and there was a necklace with a paper aeroplane and a note

It seems you have found my necklace blue eyes... we'll have to meet up so you can return it the little café down the road at 10 am. see you Hxx

"Sneaky Bastard" I said chuckling I grabbed the necklace and walked inside I unpacked everything and my phone went off a text from joesy my best friend

JJ- Missin you heaps.. any hot british guys ;)

she was always the perverted friend no matter what group of friends I was with I chuckled and replied with a simple 'yes.' I looked at the time and it was 9;30 Harry said about 10 at the little café I guess I should go to return his 'lost' necklace I walked to my wardrobe and looked for my outfit I decided on (look in pic if you have a device mobile phone or what eva sorry ;/)

by the time I had put on my make up which was mascara, a peach coloured lip gloss and blush it was 9;40 I started laughing new world record for a girl to get ready! I giggled I grabbed my phone and put on the necklace of harry's and walked down stairs dad was sitting at the table with a coffee and the news paper I walked right passed him but he stopped me

"Cleo." he said I turned on my heal

"What?" I asked

"Where are you going"

"Why do you give to shits on where im going" I said bitchly of course at that moment mum walks in with annabella and annabella heard me

"shits." she said mum growled at annabella and flicked me in the head

"Cleo Li-"

"Oh sorry dad I really have to go you see my social life is waiting for me and I really have to get it" I said walking out the doors I walked down the path way and to the side walks there where a few people walking around yet I had no clue where to go Harry didn't exactly tell me weather the café was left or right I spent about five minutes looking from left to right then I just chose left I honestly don't care if I don't get there on time..


 I was working this morning again I get of at 11 and I'm expecting Cleo at 10 its 9; 45 now and im walking back and forth a few girls around my age following me with their eyes just ignored them

"HArry!" screeched Barbra from the back

"WHAT!" I yelled hesitating weather to go back there or wait for Cleo....

"HARRY" Barbra yelled again I groaned walked behind the counter


I was right about going left about 3 minutes down the road was a small café I entered and all eyes were on me I walked up to a girl that was sitting behind the counter with a side fish tail brade

"Uh excuse me?" I said I felt so stupid right now she looked up and smiled

"Yes?" She said

"Uhm hi I'm new here and last night a friend of mine lost his necklace I found it when I was... walking and I figured he might be here cause....... he usually comes here" I said not sure what to say she looked at me then the necklace that harry had left

"How'd you get that?" She asked pointing at the necklace I took it off giving it to her

"Uhm its my friend.. Harry's can I write him a note and if he comes in just give it to him?" I asked she nodded slowly handing me a pen and papper I smiled at her saying thanks writing on the note

be happy curly I came but sadly you weren't here... your lose see you in the future.

Blue Eyes xx

I gave the girl the note and walked away when I was half way down the street she was calling for me I think I turned around and she was running towards me she stopped infront of me

"h-how do you know harry?" she asked I did a small smile

"I was walking last night and I bumped into him are you his girlfriend or something" I asked she started laughing and shook her head

"sister is more suitable for me" she said my eyes grew wide

"I am so sorry I didn't mean to I didn't know" she started laughing and patted my shoulder

"Its fine Im gemma uhm.. blue eyes? I don't know your name" she said she obviously read the note I giggled

"Its cleo" I said she smiled and nodded she handed me a piece of paper

"This is my number text me when eva btw harry never gives away that necklace to some random your.. special" she said walking away I just stared at her as she walked I shrugged and kept walking


Harry defiantly liked that girl she was stunning not like any of the bimbo's he usually has no effence to them haha! I walked back into the café sitting on the stool I was on before behind the counter fiddling with harrys necklace till he spead walk out of the kitchen he looked at the time which was 10;20 and groaned I smirked

"Hazza bear" he looked at me and walked over

"What?" he saud obviously annoyed I laughed

"Don't get yo man panties in a twist blue eyes did come you were out back she left this and this and I got a new friend out of it.. by the way nice choice your steppin up your game" I said giggling handing him the note and necklace and walking to go serve people smiling


I smiled at the note and ran down the road I saw cleo up ahead the way she walked took my breath away (a/n best song ever was stuck in my head and I just wrote that form the first line of the song:P) anyway she turned into the drive way of a really big house going inside I stood in the middle of the walk way contemplating if I should goto the door or not I shrugged and walked up to it knocking a little girl about five opened the door

"HI im annabella you have a mop on your head" she said giggling then cleo came running and lifted her up into her arms

"Annabella! mum said not to answer the door and don't give rude..." she looked up and her face dropped then a smirk tugged at her lips

"Hello harry.. taking your daily stalk?" she asked laughing I smiled and shook my head she stepped aside and let me in she looked at me

"My dads at work my mum went up the shops you have met my little sister annabella" she said walking up stairs I followed her to her room annabella ran into another room which im guessing is hers

"take a seat" she said poiting to the bed I sat down and looked around I spotted the guitar in the corner

"You play?" I asked she looked at me then the guitar

"A little.." She stated I nodded annabella came running into the room with her hair down

"Cleo can you do my hair?" she ased sweetly Cleo nodded and sat down on the floor annabella sitting inbetween her legs I watched as annaebella played with her barbie doll and cleo gently put her hair up.. she'd be a good mother she gave annabella a tickle and a kiss on the cheek annabella ran out then cleo jumped on her bed laying down I laid down beside her.

"That was quit the sneaky thing you did with the necklace harry" Cleo stated I smirked

"It made you come"

"You weren't there" she said propping on her elbows I smirked

"I was just in the back helping out" I said she rolled her eyes then smiled

"your sister is nice" I nodded and then chuckled she looked at me questionly until I grabbed her waist and started tickling her she was squealing with laughter

"HARRY STOPPPP" she said but then we heard a cough by now cleo was sitting on my lap my arms around her waist.. I liked this


 Harry was tickling me and I couldn't stop laughing till I heard a cough I couldn't help but feel me and harry had a connection yeah I show im stubborn but the thought to my self now that I think of it harry seems.. amazing he was basically hugging me when I looked up my mum was standing there with a smirk on her face I instantly shot up and blushed

"hi mum"

"Hi cleo its okay annabella explained everything.. ah your friend may need some ice" I looked at her confused then at harry he was laying on the bed holding his eye... oops

"Shit sorry harry" he chuckled and mumbled its okay..


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