Hunting the Hunter

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  • Published: 31 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 31 Jul 2013
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Written for the 24 hours City of Bones competition.

When going through your daily business you don't expect somebody you thought to be dead, for six years, to pop up.

1. 2,000

Word count- 1,999


The dark haired women walked as normally as she could down the dark alleyway. Her heart was beating ten to the dozen. She knew there was someone behind her and she also knew that if she turned around she wouldn’t be able to see the person. The shadowy figure, she knew, could hear her erratic heartbeat and so she tried to slow it down thinking of everything from peaceful forests to deserted tropical islands. It didn’t work.

The figure stepped away from the shadows with a maniacal laugh; he knew by the end of the night he’d likely be dead. ‘Why not enjoy it?’ The people sent to retrieve her always ended up a sticky mess on the floor. Each footstep he took rang throughout the alley, as if warning her of his presents; his arrogance angered her. Instead of waiting like she knew she should. She turned and threw the stake with pinpoint accuracy at his neck. The pale being fell to his knees on the floor; realising his time for living was dwindling short he laid still. She looked down her nose at him; a sense of superiority flooding through her taking over her senses and controlling her actions. She bent over him; holding his neck to the floor. Raw power was flooding through her veins making her feel stronger. She lifted her hand with the spare stake high above her head.

Ari started to bring her hand down slowly gaining speed the closer it crept to the monster on the floor. When she was about a foot from his body, she stopped. Her entire arm pinned by a force unknown to her. No matter how hard she pushed she couldn’t bring her arm down. The power that invaded her before drained the longer she threw herself against the invisible force surrounding the male on the floor. Black spots began to dance in the outer-most corners of her vision. She was panting like a dog in the sweltering depths of the summer heat with the strain on her arm. Before long the black spots grew, blocking out all sight and sound, leaving her in an empty black void with nothing but herself for company.


“What happened to her?” a gruff voice sounded in the distance. Ari could feel herself leaving the dark limbo behind. Good. She didn’t like that dark space; in there she had too much time to think and reflect on her tragic life. She couldn’t help but remember how she had gotten into this. Too much time to reflect on the gruesome pain she’d inflicted on the Vampires in this world. Yes, after what they had done to her family they deserved the pain. But not all of them inflicted the pain on her family during their gruesome murder; not all of the Vampires walking this earth wanted to be a vampire anyway. Why inflict pain on innocents? Ari was a hunter of hunters; a good one to. She’d do anything to kill them one by one after one of the monsters killed her younger brother and parents. That was why she had joined the agency. Six years she had been hunting these monsters (they were not people in her eyes.)But lately it grieved her to find the innocent Vampires in the world that had nothing to do with their deaths. It was almost painful nowadays; often leaving her with dreadful migraines for days afterwards. Her last mission was something unexpected; she had never felt that before, the power and then the force that prevented the death on the pale being.

“So this… This is our Queen?” The gruff voice sounded again. “This human being is our queen? We need to change her; they are not going to accept a feeble mortal.” He sneered; it sounded to himself more than anyone else in the room. Scuffling came from behind her head and she felt someone grab her upper arms. She tried to scream but being stuck in half limbo-half out had her lips sealed as if sown together. Her arms were jelly as they were grabbed; thrown around as if she was a rag doll. She had no control over her own body; she was trapped in a cell halfway out of her brain. In this cell she could hear and feel. She could feel it as fangs as sharp as nails penetrated the thin membrane of skin. She knew what was happening and she couldn’t stop it. She was either going the same way as her family; or she was stuck being immortal for the rest of her pitiful life.

The pain overtook her senses clouding them; making her desensitised. She couldn’t do anything as she felt the retraction of the nail like fangs. The blood started to flow in the opposite direction as it was sucked back; to satisfy the monsters urges. Somewhere half way through the pain she had managed to escape and landed on a higher plain completely surrounded by blackness; she had thought she was dead, but she couldn’t be could she? She felt so much pain. Is this what the afterlife felt like? She managed to crack one eye open, it was dark and hands where grabbing her anywhere they could. Touching her skin, grabbing the robe she now realised she was draped rather carelessly in.

Images flashed through her brain. The images of what she had had to witness yet again while she was out- the images of her family’s murders. She remembered yet again what she had seen that night. She walked slowly up the normally immaculate drive but tonight the white door, leading into the cottage, was hanging free and swinging on one hinge. Ari walked slowly through the doorway; pushing the smashed door away in the process. She gasped at the sight before her. The white washed walls were splashed haphazardly with blood, as if the victim had struggled before succumbing to the pain. The smell of the blood was so intense she could taste the salt and rust of it; almost gagging she turned around to face the body of her brother strewn across the back of the sofa. The two fang marks on his neck immediately identifying the monster that killed him. They dribbled his blood. The rhythmic dripping the only sound she could hear. Her brother had only been sixteen; so young with his whole life ahead of him. 

She turned around and walked upstairs. 

She always knew what was coming next; with a deep sense of foreboding she crept as to not alert anyone to her presence, but who was there to alert? She was positive that they were dead and that the murderer was gone; far away from the distressing sight. So why was she creeping? 

The banister on the stairs was torn in two; splinters were littered all over the stairs. A path of destruction led to her parents’ bedroom. Her Father’s body lay in a pool of his own blood and her Mother’s body was thrown away in the monsters bloodlust. She knelt down pressing her index and middle fingers to her Mother’s neck; checking for a pulse she found there was none. She cast a glance at her Father’s body; knowing there was too much blood for him to have survived she left. 


Her eyelids fluttered open finally allowing the bright, white light to flood her eyes; merging the colours together. Her arms felt like jelly as she tried to lift herself into a seated position. She audibly gasped as she looked around. The high ceiling was a dome shaped skylight; allowing light to slowly drift and surround the only occupants of the completely white room. The room was dotted here and there by sofas and leafy potted plants. “Good, you’re finally awake.” The gruff voice, from before, called out. The owner of the voice walked out from a set of beautiful mahogany door; the doors were beautifully carved out with fiddly designs.

He clapped once and almost instantly a waiter appeared; he muttered something quietly and then the waiter disappeared. “Who are you?” Ari managed to mutter; her throat burned making it hard to make the sentences at least part way audible.

“What, you mean that you don’t remember me; or remember what I did?” he replied. Ari shook her head; she desperately tried to remember where she had supposedly met him before. She just couldn’t remember his face. 

“No? You don’t remember me?” Ari shook her head again. Her lack of speech annoyed the beast; he walked briskly towards her. He reached out and wrapped his long, pale fingers around her neck; pushing her against the marble wall behind her. “Tell me Ari, how’s your Mom, Dad and Brother, they alright?” She audibly gasped at the mention of her dead family. “You must be wondering Ari, how I know your name, or that your family is dead.” She shook her head she didn’t need to know she’d guessed and was horrified that she didn’t have a stake to jab through the evil creature’s un-beating heart. 

“You see Ari, I’m the one that did it, and my they tasted good. But Ari you could have saved them.” She had tears slipping down her cheeks, not from the pain she hardly felt it over the heartbreak; ‘how could I have saved them?' She thought. 

She wanted to scream and spit at the male, in front of her, for saying it was her fault but couldn’t her airways were blocked by his hand on her neck, pressing her into the hard wall behind her back, blocking most of the air into her lungs. “You see Ari, it was you I wanted. Your scents intoxicating, I wanted your blood but you’d left, leaving them defenceless and when they couldn’t tell me where you where I got angry you see. For six years Ari I’ve hunted you; I sent my men to get you, but they always turned up as a sticky, bloody mess on the floor; all because of you Ari.”

Footsteps ricocheted from the marble floor to the marble ceiling and back again; echoing louder each time. Ari strained her neck, both to see the approaching being and to get some air. Now that she was Vampire she didn’t need to breathe all the time but it was uncomfortable not to. All her senses were heightened; her sight was brighter and more detailed; her sense of smell and taste so much more detailed and it was easier now to distinguish between different smells and tastes. Her reflexes and strength were heightened to; she was faster now and stronger. 

She could smell what the being was carrying and it smelt like heaven to her raw throat. Without realising, she pushed the male Vampire out of the way and almost flew to the person carrying what she craved most of all now. She didn’t look up at her server all that bothered her was the red liquid in the tumbler glass. She grabbed the glass and devoured the red liquid in one gulp. 

Ari dropped the glass in horror; her eyes widened as she looked at her server. It couldn’t be? His brown hair looked the same; his eyes, although they were surrounded by purplish bags, looked the same. But it couldn’t be him? She made sure that he was dead.

Flashbacks bombarded her already tired brain. She walked into the room and looked at the amount of blood that surrounded his body. She had thought that there was too much blood. Is there a way he could have survived? She hadn’t checked him, she remembered, she had dismissed him and moved straight towards her Mother.

She could feel her world crashing down around her. For six years she has thought her Father dead and in a coffin but here he was: alive. The black spots were back; the last thing she saw was his face above her showing no emotion at all.

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