Taming the Fire

(entry for '24 hours in the City Of Bones' competition)
Best friends Jack and Alex struggle to help an elemental control her new power, a bond growing between the three of them to rival any other.


1. Following Fire

Jack grinned across the room at his younger brother. “So, she’s close?" Jon nodded, “You could say that. Look outside... Now.” Jack ran to the window and stared as a girl skipped along the path outside their flat, flicking sparks between her hands. Grabbing  his mobile, Jack sent a message to Alex, simply saying; ‘following fire, right from mine’ before he raced from the house and after the girl.

Not five minutes later he had caught up to her as she started experimenting, only natural for a new elemental, and all of a sudden the sparks and flickers turned into a ball of flame. Sensing that the girl was out of her depth, Jack moved closer, summoning earth to him to try and calm her down before anything got messy, or burnt. Of course, fire and earth isn’t that great a pair to mix but it’s safe to say Jack wasn’t too concerned about that. He called out to the girl that everything was okay but ended up scaring her more so the fireball expanded quickly, exploding into small diamonds of fire, falling around them both. Unsure as to whether or not the girl would burn, Jack brought earth to protect them, his thoughts being focused more on the girl collapsing at his feet than what he wanted to happen, causing almost a tornado of plants and leaves to surround them.
Jack immediately started panicking, but that only threw his thoughts of more and as he tried to connect to the earth again he heard a shout of his name. “Jack? Jacky what’s happening?”

“Alex! Need a little help here!?" The air elemental raced towards his best friend, fragments of trees and plants were flying all around him, and Alex panicked for a moment as he tried to see Jack. Realising why he'd been called over, Alex closed his eyes gently and focused on the air immediately surrounding him and Jack. Feeling the air's readiness to bend and move to his will, he opened his eyes and moved his hands in slow circular motions towards Jack, allowing the air to do its job and rid the area of plant debris.

Breathing softly, Alex bowed his head and thanked air before running to Jack's side. "Guess it was a bit much for me, but at least she's safe now." Alex laughed, linking an arm around the shorter boy's shoulder as they smiled at the girl curled up at their feet. "Fire elementals, they're too unstable."


Pacing in front of the sofa, Jack's brow was furrowed as he looked to Alex, then the girl, then his brother, and round continuously. "Jack! Please sit down you're freaking me out. I can't see anything about her, or us with you walking all over the place." Jack sighed and sat on the arm of the chair that Alex was in, both leaning against each other in silent support.
The young girl seemed about Jon’s age, was thin as a twig and had auburn hair falling over her face as she shivered in her sleep. Jon couldn't blame his brother for worrying, he was too, but that couldn't help her. Taking a few deep breaths, he focused on the fire elemental. Suddenly he felt that tingle at the edge of his mind, like someone was tickling his brain, and through his mind's eye he leapt forwards.

'Who are you? What are you doing in my mind?'
Jon smiled slightly, moving closer. 'My name's Jon, my brother found you.'
'The earth one?'
'Yes. I'm a telepath, with slight precognition. Our friend is an air elemental.'
'So that's what I am? An.. Elemental?'
'Yep! I don't know that much about it, but my brother and his friend would really like to talk to you. Do you think you could?'
'Maybe. Um, can you leave for a minute?'
Smiling fully, Jon nodded and started to leave her mind slowly. 'Of course.'
'Bye Jon, hopefully we'll talk again soon. Oh! I'm Hannah.'
'It was nice to meet you Hannah.'

Jon pulled back from her mind, blinking and looking up to Jack just as she stirred on the sofa. The older teens practically flew to the floor in front of her, sitting far enough away that they wouldn't scare her. Hannah sat up and blinked several times, confused for a moment until she saw Jack in front of her and Alex over his shoulder. "Jon! Where is he?" Alex laughed and nodded his head towards the other chair. "Mind-boy's there love." Turning to grin at him, Hannah waved slightly as Jack murmured, "I thought you called me love?" and Alex laughed softly in reply.

The two turned their attention back to Hannah as she introduced herself to them. “Nice to meet you Hannah, I’m Alex and I’m sure Jon already told you something but I can control air, like you control fire and Jack control’s earth.”Jack smiled sheepishly at her. “Sorry about scaring you earlier, and I’m sure you have questions but firstly, how long have you known about your power?” Hannah frowned slightly and counted on her fingers. “Um… Three days? It happened when I clicked my fingers and my hands felt all tingly, so I clicked them again and little sparks flew off, like on a sparkler.” Jack nodded with a smile. “Okay then Hannah, me and Alex have a little plan.” The elder boys grinned at each other and pulled Hannah from the sofa, taking one of her hands each as Alex told her, “We’re going to teach you how to tame fire.”

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