For The Last Time

Prologue to another story I'm writing, but they can be read separately.

A midnight meeting between two old friends.


1. Chapter One

It was nearly midnight when the car pulled up outside the café. The woman sitting at one of the tables continued lounging in her seat, her sunglasses not letting it be seen that her eyes were fixed on the man stepping out of the car.

He walked slowly over to sit beside her, but didn’t acknowledge her presence, nor did she acknowledge his. They sat there for a few moments, watching the occasional person stumble from the pub across the road.

“Are you really leaving this time?” Eventually the man spoke, unable to take the deadening silence for any longer.

The woman nodded before speaking, her voice practically a murmur. “You know that we can’t stay any longer. People are beginning to wonder.”

There was silence again, that was broken by the raucous laughter of a group of men walking down the street. They started to drool over the car, but one glance at the couple sitting beside it stopped them. They walked on, feeling distinctly sobered up.

“Where will you go?”

The woman stifled a sigh. “I can’t tell you, I never can tell you. Why do you never remember that?”

The man smiled sadly at her. “I always hope that you’ll decide that this time you’ll want to break the rules.”

She took off her sunglasses, looking him right in the eye. “You make me what to break the rules.”

He put his hand on the table silently, and she took it, a small smile on her face.

“Shall we have one last hunt?” He laughed slightly as her eyes gleamed in the darkness.

“I was waiting for you to say that.” She squeezed his hand as she stood up, trying to pull him up out of his seat.

He laughed properly as he stood, glad to see her like this again. She had been distant recently, which is how he knew she was leaving. They walked the streets together, still holding hands. To any other people on the street they were just another couple enjoying a late night stroll. But to them, they were looking for another couple as the victims of their hunt.

When they saw a likely couple, the woman stopped him and pulled him slightly to the side into a small gap in the wall. “Hang on. Will you be okay with this, the moon…?”

He caressed her face with his free hand, and her head automatically moved into his hand. “I’ll be fine, Jac, it’s still early enough that I have control. If you asked me in a week, the answer would be quite different.”

Her face immediately brightened, and she pulled him out of the alcove to follow the couple. They had turned a corner and were out of sight, but Jac pulled him unfailingly to the building they had entered.

“Shall we go in?” Her eyes were glinting as the bloodlust began to bubble up inside of her, and she was finding it hard to stay still and not go up and rip out the guy’s throat.

The man laughed as his own bloodlust rose, and he felt his teeth sharpening, making his next words almost unintelligible. “Ladies first.”

Jac smiled brilliantly at him, ducking forward to kiss him on the cheek before throwing open the door and running into the building. He followed her, laughing. She reached the floor seconds before him, and let him reach behind her to force the door knob off. He trailed her hand against her side as he pulled away, and she leaned further against the door, forcing it to open.

The couple inside walked swiftly to the door when they heard them breaking in. “Who are you?” He said, trying to pull his girlfriend behind him, but she was busying brandishing a knife at the intruders.

Jac laughed lightly, her teeth fully extended. “I don’t know, Cole, who are we?” Cole grinned wildly, growling in response as words were impossible past his teeth. “Oh, yes, I remember now.” She turned to face the couple, closing the door behind her as she stalked slowly towards them. “We’re your death.”

Jac and Cole sprung at the couple before they could scream, and for the last time the vampire and werewolf hunted together.

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