Darkness Among Us

This story has been written for the City of Bones Movella Competition.

In the dark days of Victorian London, 16 year old Kalin Fletcher meets new boy Alexander Finn in town.

A strong friendship blossoms between the two, but soon Kalin and Alexander begin to find out that there's more to the mysterious city of London that meets the eye.

There's something lurking beneath the shadows.

This is book 1 in my 'InkWorks' book series.


1. Wolfsbridge

Black rose petals fall from the grey, ashen sky.

My gaze follows a single petal, as it lands softly in the pale hand of a young man. He looks about 17, with dirty blonde hair.

“Surely, rose petals aren’t meant to be black,” he says softly, “as though the ink from all the antiqued letters we’ve ever written in our history has cloaked them.”

“A veil of darkness,” I hear myself say, with a small smile.

He smirks, “a heart, brash and confident, but enslaved by a dark ink. What brings you here, fair lady?”

“Black rose petals are a delicacy in Wolfsbridge,” I say, with a glittery wink.

“Wolfsbridge sounds like an ideal place for me,” he replies, blowing the petal off his hand.

“Oh, but it’s not. If only you knew about the darkness among us.”

I walk off, my thin lace dress wrapping around me. I massage the Goosebumps on my arm from the serene October chills.

Behind me, large ink black wings erupted from the man’s body. He screamed in pain, as the wings cascaded down his back.

Dark feathers replaced the rose petals falling from the sky.

I delicately catch one between my pale, slim fingers, and twirl it around my fingers as I walk back to Wolfsbridge.

I wake up with the feeling of feathers on my face. A lost pigeon was standing on my chest. I carefully carry it and put it out in the balcony. The feeling of gluttony was about to overcome me, so I go downstairs to the kitchen and fix myself a little turkey sandwich. Mother comes through the door as quick as a wink.

“Kalin, did you forget that you were meant to show around Mrs Finn’s son today? Lovely neighbour, she is! Do you want some Taiwanese herbal tea?”

"I'll just take a cup of green tea, mother."

“Ah, excellent. Green tea! Did you know that green tea is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis?”

“That’s great, mother, but I’d really like that cup of tea right now, or I’ll be late to show what’s-his-face around London.”

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