Darkness Among Us

This story has been written for the City of Bones Movella Competition.

In the dark days of Victorian London, 16 year old Kalin Fletcher meets new boy Alexander Finn in town.

A strong friendship blossoms between the two, but soon Kalin and Alexander begin to find out that there's more to the mysterious city of London that meets the eye.

There's something lurking beneath the shadows.

This is book 1 in my 'InkWorks' book series.


5. PinAngels, and the Arbiteur

I began to hyperventilate with fear. Alex looks at me worriedly, but does nothing. He’s in shock too. Angel boy’s eyes widen and as I collapse to the ground, he puts his arm around me and sits on the ground with me.

“I’m, like, so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Seraphiel. I’m a Prince of High Angelic Order. I mean, I don’t serve guardian angels, I’m not from heaven; I work for the Arbiteur. The PinAngels, you know? I work for them. My god, they are so lower class it’s absolutely REVOLTING.”

My breathing had calmed down, but Alex was still shaking. He had dropped the clothing bag, and the lace dresses were strewn over the dirty pavement. Seraphiel picked up the dresses and put them back into the bag.

“Not what I thought would be your ideal article of clothing, but hey, it’s clothes, right?”

“Th…they aren’t for me…you….you’re Highness,” Alex stutters.

Seraphiel let out a dark chuckle. “It’s Seraphiel.”

“Give me my pins,” I say, trying to grab them out of Seraphiel’s hand. He holds it far out of my reach.

“No! We’ll have to suit up first.” Seraphiel quickly picks me up and carries me in his arms. “Grab on, BoyChild.” He says to Alex, who grips onto his ankle. Seraphiel’s wings spread out as quick as a wink, making me flinch in his arms. “Don’t worry, I’m an angel, I promise you won’t get hurt.”

Seraphiel turned to face the horizon. The rapidly falling sun highlighted the hollows under his cheekbones. The corners of his mouth turning up in a cynic smile. He darted like a bullet into the sky, until the clouds began to form into one big surface. This wasn’t visible from the ground. I’d never seen something like this. I flinched in his arms as he landed with a soft thump on the cloud floor. It looked amazing. Seraphiel walked towards a gunmetal gate and set me down on my feet.

“Atramentum angeli terram regere.” He says. The door opens.

Inside, a hideous creature laid waiting for us. It was entirely formed out of thousands of pins. It’s eyes were large black masses and its mouth was a gaping abyss of darkness. “This is a PinAngel. They own the Arbiteur. These angels are the reason why InkWolves are scared of pins.”

From a nearby weapon stall, Seraphiel grabs hold of a silver crossbow and a bag of arrows made from pins. I take hold of a silver pin switchblade, throwing knives and a revolver. Alex grabs a two small pistols and a shotgun.

Quicker than a wink, something forces the gates open, and large, ink black wolves storm through. InkWorks. They completely avoid seraphiel and the PinAngel. A large wolf bites on Alex’s jacket and pulls him out, shouting. A large one bites onto my lace dress, but Seraphiel fights it off with a silver crossbow.

He shouts if I’m okay.


Alex is gone.

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