Darkness Among Us

This story has been written for the City of Bones Movella Competition.

In the dark days of Victorian London, 16 year old Kalin Fletcher meets new boy Alexander Finn in town.

A strong friendship blossoms between the two, but soon Kalin and Alexander begin to find out that there's more to the mysterious city of London that meets the eye.

There's something lurking beneath the shadows.

This is book 1 in my 'InkWorks' book series.


4. InkAngels


“We should totally go hunting for them today!” Alex said cheerfully.

“What? Last night you were being such a baby, and now you want to hunt this rare pack of satanic wolves that nobody has ever killed? And nobody’s ever seen them since 1806 for crying out loud!”

“Come on, stop being a scaredy-cat Kalin.”

“Fine, I’ll come. But we don’t even know what these stupid InkWorks are weak to.”

“That’s easy. Pins. Wolfsbane doesn’t affect InkWorks”


“You’re not the only person that does their research, you know.”

“Ok, so let’s go to the sewing shop. They’d have tons of pins.”

I produce a £10 and put it on the counter in front of Macy.

“We need 1000 silver pins. Stat.”

“What are you going to need 1000 for?” Macy says suspiciously.

“….pin dresses?” Alex says.

“What the heck? Eh, whatever.”

Macy produces a brown paper bag with a special waxy inside to prevent the pins from poking out of the bag, and throws 10 card boxes of 100 silver pins into the bag.

“Ok, have fun making your ‘pin dresses’.” Macy says, giving the bag to Alex.

“Thanks, Macy. Bye!”

Alex sighs. “God, her voice is annoying. Anyway, you bought the pins, now I need to buy some clothes for us to sew pins onto.”

Alex ends up going into a ladies fashion store and choosing two knee length white lace dresses. “I can’t believe I’m going to wear a dress, let alone a dress with pins sewed onto it,” he mutters.

“Alex, stop complaining.”

It was already 6 o’clock, and people were already gone. The streets were deserted.

“Let’s sew on these pins and get hunting InkWorks!” Alex says happily.

“You’re hunting InkWorks?” For god’s sake.”

Startled, Alex and I turn around to see a guy in a grey suit towering above us. But that wasn’t the weird thing.

He had large, ink black wings on his back.

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