My entry for "24 hours in the City of Bones" competition. You can't force anyone to love. But feelings for inappropriate person, always come with the price. Emily Sounders had a choice: died or let died someone’s she loved. Decision was made. But what if it wasn’t her decision. My entry for "24 hours in the City of Bones" competition.

I want to add that I didn't make this cover, but it really suits the story.


1. Decision

“I’d do almost anything for you,” Simon said quietly. “I’d die for you. You know that.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls    



“I don't think she doesn't believe she can die. I think, just like you always did, she believes there are things worth dying for.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls       




          Love make us blind and unforeseen. Trying to save someone’s life, someone’s we care about, we can do everything. Standing in the park alley, eighteen years old Emily Sounders knew that for sure. Drops of rain were falling on her face, and washed down her tears, but she didn’t care. She looked again at the two boys in front of her. The blond haired angel with eyes like a blue sky and the dark haired demon with eyes as black as dark night. For majority of the people it would be just a perfect comparison. But not for her, not after year ago, she had known the truth. That angels existed and the same demons. That she was one of them. Looking at her brother she couldn’t stop thinking how much she resembled him. The same straight almost black hair, hard deadly beautiful feature of face and dark eyes. They both belonged to the underground World of Fire.

            She was a baby, when the war between angels and demons had waged, so they had to escaped and then had found a pace in the human family. Her six years older brother William, always took care of her. He wasn’t good with sharing his feelings, but he had been for her if she needed it. He loved her on his way. He had told her the truth almost year ago after her birthday, when she – according to demon’s codex – had become an adult. That means that she wasn’t going to get older, that she could use powers she had, and that she would be punished if she was going to break the rules. Then she had not known that she had been already breaking one of them. The most important rule, the one that was going to cost the man she loved, his life.

            When her brother raised up his sword, to cut it through kneeling angel’s heart, she couldn’t stop the cry that escaped her mouth.

                “William!” she screamed. “Stop it!”

             She knew from the second he looked at her, that he was surprised to see her, but he didn’t lower his sword even a bit.

               “Emily.” He said with a cold voice. “ You aren’t supposed to be here. I want to save you from this, but if you wish to see how your angel die, it’s your choice, sister.”

              “It makes you happy, aren’t it?” she asked, looking at him with anger, but at the same time her heart was falling to pieces. It was hard to recognized the brother she used to love in a man, who was standing on front of her.

              “Of course, he is our enemy. It’s our destiny to hate them”

             “It’s not my destiny!’ she cried. “It’s not our war. We still have a chance to choose. We can stay here.” she continued. “We lived among humans and we are more humans that you think. I still love you.”

               “There’s nothing human about me.” he said looking at her with hate.

               “You already chose a side,” she said looking at him with a sadness “and it’s not mine.”

             She gave up, even if she knew what that means – she just lost one of the two boys she loved. She shivered, didn’t know if it was because of the wet clothes or because of the feelings that overwhelmed her. For a second she wanted just fell to the ground and cried, but then she thought about the other boy she loved, the one than still could be saved. She was so mad at him, for wanting to sacrifice his life instead of her, for taking from her the opportunity to didn’t let him did it. She have come here to asked him to change his decision, to let her took the responsibility.

             She looked at him, and she saw in his eyes nothing more, but infinitive love and peace. In this moment, she understood, that no matter what she would say, he was not going to change his decision. And something else: that he truly believed that her life is worth saving, even if she didn’t. Not yet. She couldn’t stop the tears, that escaped from her eyes.

            “Nathaniel.” she whispered, looking down, as if saying his name could help somehow.

          “Emily.” he said like usually and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking, that she loved the way he used to said it: Emi-ly.

          “Emily, look at me.” he begged and she did. “Do you remember what I say to you, after you told me who you are?” He didn’t say, that you are a demon. He never had thought or had said about her that way. When she didn’t responded, he continued. “That my existence close-up to end and that after I loved you, I’m finally ready to go. That I don’t know why we met, but I have a feeling that there is good reason for that.”

          “You said also that I have to find my inside me and reunion with her, even if she’s ugly and stubborn like hell.”  

           She didn’t know why she have said it, but when she looked up, she saw the sparks in his eyes and smile on his face and she couldn’t stop but smiling too. After a few seconds he become serious again.

           “My point is,” he started, this time she was looking at him “that you can be whoever you want. My life will end anyway, but you have a time to do something important.”

          Even if her heart was falling to pieces, and her mind was fighting and couldn’t accepted this, deep down she knew that he was right, and that she would do whatever he asked. Even if his deaf would torn her apart. She was going to say him that she would do what he want, and that she would always love him, but she didn’t had a chance.  

           ‘That’s enough. “ said William – she almost forgot about his presence  - and stabbed the Nathaniel’s heart with his sword. When it happened she wasn’t screaming, like she had thought she was going to. She didn’t even look at his brother, all her attention was focused on a beautiful angel, she loved so much. She approached him and knelt in front of him. She looked into his blue like a sky eyes, and then they kissed and didn’t stop until he disappeared.

            Still crying and shivering, she stand up and looked around, but no one was here. William must have gone. A rain was still pouring on her, when she slowly walked away from this place. Now she was broken, but she knew that one day, she would be alright. What she didn’t knew was the fact, that her hate for demons will turn into something good, and she’s going to become a Demon Hunter, and that there’s going to be more of them. But that’ s something for another story.    


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