Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


1. New neighbor

Dani's POV

i came back from the grocery story with zukini carrots and also went to McDonald's and safe way and got hot Cheetos and other chips.i looked out the window and noticed that people moved in next door i put on my red belly shirt and then put my black leather jacket and my black  pants and black leather boots and put my hair down and put in a black bow and my butterfly ring.i put the bags on the table.i was gonna go meet the neighbors when i opened the door and bumped into a guy.hi my name is harry and i just moved in next door umm..what's your name?he said.hi I was just gonna meet you guys and my name is dani and are you from one direction?.yah are you a fan? He but I've heard about you and seen you in pictures and please stop asking questions i said.ok he said u wanna come over dani? he said.sure i said.i came out closed the door and we walked to his house which was short he opened the door for me i came inside i didn't say thank you because I'm shy and a badass at times i beat people up if they mess with me.i live with my bandmates but they went to go get food he said.i looked at his eyes man he's u wanna help unpack? He asked.sure i said.he pointed to a box and told me to unpack that one i walked over to the box and took the things out i stopped when i saw a picture of him and Taylor swift this your girlfriend?i asked.he looked at the picture and said umm no shes my ex girlfriend we broke up 2 days ago i must of forgotten to throw that away.i kept taking out the stuff and asked where to put the stuff when I was finished i took a step back to see how things look when I fell back and then fell into someone's arms and was being picked up bridal style i look up to see harry i just kept looking at him and he just kept looking at me.

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