Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


5. Kidnapped

Taylor's pov 

i left the room and then stared at that picture of harry and that girl again on the Internet i told him i was pregnant so that I could get him back and i will I'm gonna have to kill that girl and i know she was hearing us talking.i opened the door and pretended to leave instead i hid in the closet my the stairs and waited for that girl to come so that I can kidnapp her and kill her.

danis pov

i saw Taylor heading for the door knob to leave harrys room i hid in the bathroom next to harrys room and waited for Taylor to leave the house i heard the door close i then went downstairs and was about to let out Louis Liam and niall out of the basement when someone grabbed me and put tape on my mouth and tied me up i turned to see that it was taylor she pushed me into the car and drove somewhere.when she stopped the car she got out of the car opened my door side and grabbed me by the hair and pushed me inside th big house she closed the door and pushed me on the chair and took the tape of my mouth.why the heck did you kidnapp me.she didnt answer me because she went into the kitchen I'm guessing i heard clinging of spoons forks KNIVES!!is she going to kill me !i remembered that i had a pocket knife in my back pocket i reached it and grabbed it and started cutting the ropes taylor came back with knives and forks i started screaming for help to act like if i couldn't escape she came up to me and told me to shut up and then said I'm going to ask you questions if you act all moody ill stab you with a knife or fork or ill shoot you if you do it 4 times ok she said.i nodded I was almost done cutting the ropes she said ok first question do you really like harry? I didn't answer me she got the knife and stabbed me in the arm i screamed as she pulled it down more she finally took it out i looked at where she stabbed me the hole was big i was freaking out i only had 7 ropes to go.ok next question she said do you love harry? I didn't answer again this time she grabbed the fork and stabbed me on my other arm.i screamed as loud as i could.2 ropes to questi-she didn't finish because i said FUCK YOU BITCH YOUR PHYCO IF YOU KILL ME!!!! She then grabbed her knife and stabbed me on the front butt i screamed in pain.1 rope to question are you dating harry? I didn't know the answer so i didn't answer i was about to shrug when she pointed the gun at me i finally cut the rip and right before she shoot me i moved out of the way and and moved the left over ropes i got my pocket name and ran on Taylor i was about to stab her when I remembered she was pregnant.

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