Forbidden love

Dani meets a boy named harry and falls in love with him but will he break up with her when Taylor gets pregnant? Read the story to find out(i copied some of this story from another story the other story is written by shay123)


6. Ambulance

So guys i need one more co author i don't need one i just want to see if any one wants to be co author so ya ask and ill choose anyways back to the chapter


Taylor's ppov she was on top of me and had her pocket knife in her hand she was about to stab me when she stopped I'm guessing she stopped when she remembered that i was pregnant but I'm not so i quickly got on her and took her pocket knife and stabbed her in her stomach over and over again until i saw her bone she was screaming in pain i was blood everywhere and then i heard the door open

harrys pov

i went down stairs because i heard dani scream i look down at the floor becaus i see something shiny i pick it up and it's the key to the basement last time i saw it dani had it i heard Louis scream for help i ran all the way to the basement door and opened it with the key Louis Liam Niall came up to me and hugged me i couldn't breathe anymore they finally let go and i took a deep breath in and then out niall ran to the fridge and grabbed wat seems everything and ate it i ran out side the door and saw car tracks I'm guessing they were Taylor's since this is a private road and it started in front of my house i took my car and followed the tracks.when I finally arrived i parrked a limitless away from the house so that Taylor wouldn't hear me i opened the house door and saw taylor on dani and there was blood everywhere i could also see danis bone i got so mad that i jumped on Taylor and started punching her i didn't care if she was pregnant she stabbed dani.when I stopped punching her she had a really bad bloody nose and she had a black eye and cut lip i got off of her and stared at her taylor looked scared i ran over to dani she said"I can't breath harry this is the end of me" NO i said I got my phone out and called the ambulance and gave them the address.i looked at dani and then taylor taylor was standing up already and had a gun and pointed it to me i heard dani say NO!! She got up and blocked where taylor was gonna shoot me and then i heard a gun shot but i didn't feel any pain i looked at dani and she had a hole in her shirt and had blood i had enough i got on Taylor and grabbed her on the neck and picked her up i grabbed a knife and stabbed her on the stomach because i knew that she wasn't pregnant because she would of been pregnant a long time ago i heard her gasp for air i then took the knife out of her stomach and then dropped it i heard the ambulance i took some left over ropes and rapped them around taylor and put her in a closet and locked it good thing i taped her mouth i came over to dani picked her up and brought her outside and the people quickly got the bed and i put her on it.

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