Inked for life

I'm Zero. I'm a girl. Not a girly girl. I'm more of a Tom boy. I work in a tatto shop and I'm the only employee/boss/manager. Will she meet the man of her dreams? Read 'inked for life' to find out!


1. Zero

Hi I'm Zero kirny. I have midnight black hair, I am diagnosed with Heterochromia , one eye is blue and the other is green. My parents think I'm special, pfft like hell I am. I am the devils angel, I TP teachers houses. I dis-obey my parents, I have a belly piercing, a nose piercing, a tongue piercing, a lip piercing and an eyebrow piercing. I have tattoos of dead roses, skulls, dead people, splats of blood, cursive writing down my rib of my life, grey wings on my back, a feather on my left rib and a barcode on my neck. I am anything but special. I get detentions, I swear at teachers. I've been to 32 different high schools in a year and my older brother is in college. He is my inspiration. That all changed 6 years ago, when he got a  faggot of a girlfriend decided to beat me up ending up with Tyler (my older brother) joined in. Hatred spread over since that day. I never looked him in the eyes, I never spoke to him, I never saw him after 21 of August 2006. 6 years I hated him more then anything that's why I have tattoos and piercing's. my family ha a dark secret. We are werewolves. I turned into one when I was four. Pretty young I know. But sometimes it's a good thing. I have a warm and excited side, but you'd be EXTREMELY lucky if you saw it. Anyway gotta pounce!

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